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Effective Ways To Restore Deleted Viber Messages Without Backup

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Originally published Mar 30, 23, updated Jun 07, 24
Important Viber messages may get deleted by mistake or lost due to technical issues with the device. If you don't have a backup, the situation could appear bleak, but do not worry!

Connecting with friends and family is made easier by texting services like Viber, and the messages are precious. This article will walk you through recovering deleted Viber without a backup. We'll investigate two possible approaches: using MobileTrans and email transfer.

Let's get started and discover how to retrieve your priceless Viber texts. Read out the possibilities before getting the step-by-step guide to restoring!

Is it possible to get back your Viber data without a backup?

Yes, recovering your deleted Viber data without a backup is possible. However, the process is easy to do when MobileTrans is here. It just needs one click to begin the process; all you get is your backup files and chat history.

The next approach to make the restoration possible is by Email transfer. You need to send the history of your chat to your email and then download it for later use. All these methods are extensively explained and well-illustrated in the below sections.

Note: Backups are essential for protecting data security, mishaps can still happen, and data loss can still happen. It's crucial to understand how to retrieve your Viber data without a backup in such cases.

It’s time to check the methods to make recovery possible!

Method 1. Recover the deleted Viber messages via MobileTrans

Using MobileTrans to recover lost Viber messages is a significant alternative when there is no backup. Viber messages can be recovered using MobileTrans, a potent data recovery program.

MobileTrans searches the storage of your smartphone for deleted data and makes an effort to recover them. Even individuals who lack technological expertise may manage because of its user-friendly layout.

functions of wondershare mobiletrans

MobileTrans is a flexible solution for data recovery. It is because it supports many platforms, including iOS and Android smartphones.

When lost Viber conversations include sensitive data, MobileTrans is helpful in recovering chats without a backup. For instance, losing essential business chats from your Viber account might have severe effects.

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A step-by-step process to Recover the Viber messages by MobileTrans

To recover the deleted chats of Viber by using a one-click process, there is no other tool than MobileTrans. Follow the instructions to make it possible!

  • Step 1. Launch the MobileTrans

First, install, and run the MobileTrans application on your computer, then attach your device to it.

  • Step 2. Viber Transfer Mode on MobileTrans

On the app's home screen, select WhatsApp Transfer, then select Other Apps Transfer > Viber Transfer. To secure your data, select "Backup" right away.

viber transfer mode on mobiletrans

  • Step 3. Backup your Required Files

The application will instantly recognize your iPhone, and a screenshot of it will be provided. Choose "Backup," then keep your eyes on the screen as the computer saves your Viber data.

backup the viber data

  • Step 4. Restore the Viber chats

Link your phone to MobileTrans and choose WhatsApp Transfer > Other Apps Transfer > Viber Transfer > Choose "Restore" this time, then pick the backup file you wish to restore from the list.

restore the viber chat

  • Step 5. Final process

After you click the "Start" button, the software transfers your Viber conversations to the linked device.

completion of restoration

That’s how you can make it possible! It is evaluated that the ultimate and easy-to-use backup and restoration software is MobileTrans!

Method 2. How to restore Viber messages without backup by email

In situations when previous recovery techniques have been unsuccessful, restoring lost Viber messages via email without a backup can be a significant answer. When recovering lost chats, Viber's ability to send itself a copy of your chat history might be useful.

When the conversations in question include sensitive data, restoring lost Viber messages without a backup via email might be very helpful. For instance, email recovery might be essential if you unintentionally erased key business-related messages.

To perform this action, follow the below steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1. Use the Email Message History option under Viber > More > Settings > Calls and Messages to send messages to any email account.
  • Step 2. Log in to your email to access the attachment. You have access to your messages' backup.

restore viber chat history by email

Congratulations! You’ve got your Viber messages back easily and instantly. Below are some questions that pop up in everyone’s mind during the recovery process!


It might be distressing to lose crucial Viber messages, especially if you don't have a backup. Even without a backup, you may restore your lost Viber messages in several ways.

You can retrieve your lost Viber messages using two practical methods, as shown above. These include using data recovery software like MobileTrans, or by email. The effectiveness of these techniques may vary depending on many variables.

The factors that influence recovery are how long ago the messages were erased. As well includes how much new data has been stored in your device's storage space.

3 FAQs on restoring the Viber messages without backup

  • Can I recover Viber messages independently, or do I need technical expertise?

    The recovery technique you select will determine whether you require technical knowledge or restore Viber messages independently. Some recovery tools need technological know-how. And others may be carried out independently without any technical skill.

    For example, use data recovery software like MobileTrans to recover deleted Viber messages without a backup. It requires following instructions because it employs a specialist program to retrieve the lost data.

    Recovering lost Viber messages from an email backup without any technical knowledge is possible. This approach emails the conversation history after it has been exported, which is simple to accomplish from Viber.

  • Are there any free tools to recover Viber messages without backup?
    Yes, you can restore Viber messages without a backup using the available free tools. Remember that these free tools might be more dependable and efficient than premium tools.

    It's crucial to remember that these free tools could not be as efficient as expensive options like MobileTrans. They might not support all devices or data types, have a limited feature set, or both.

    Note: It is usually advised to utilize reputable and trusted programs to recover deleted Viber messages and other data.

  • Can I recover Viber messages if I never backed them up in the first place?
    Your chances of recovering lost Viber messages increase if you've never backed up your messages. You can continue to employ a few techniques to attempt to retrieve your lost Viber messages.

    You can recover lost Viber messages using data recovery software like MobileTrans. It can search your device's storage and restore it. Nevertheless, a number of variables, including the time that has passed since the messages were erased.

    Another choice is to ask for help from Viber support. They can be in a position to assist you in getting back your erased messages or offer additional service.

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Jun 07, 24
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