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How To Export Viber Messages in an Easy Way

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Originally published Mar 30, 23, updated Jun 07, 24
Good day! Are you a Viber user seeking means to Viber export messages for legal purposes or to back up your chats? Whatever your motive, we have you covered.

This article will walk you through the process of exporting your Viber messages using various tools, including the Viber desktop application, cloud services, and MobileTrans. We aid you in selecting the best approach for your need to sort through all the alternatives.

Before approaching the process to do exporting of Viber messages, you should know the importance of this process. Let’s move straightly!

Part 1. Why to export your Viber messages?

Users can make text, audio, and video calls to their connections using the popular instant messaging software Viber. Despite Viber's wonderful user experience, keeping a copy by exporting all of your Viber messages is crucial for various reasons.

Losing Viber messages may be disastrous since they include important data, memories, or proof. There are several reasons why exporting Viber messages is necessary, including

exporting the viber messages

1. Switching to a new device

While moving to a new smartphone, you may export your Viber messages from your old handset and import them onto the new device.

2. Legal and business compliance

Exporting Viber messages may be required for legal and commercial compliance, such as when giving testimony in court or adhering to corporate standards.

3. Memories stored physically

Exporting Viber messages is a convenient way to save discussions with loved ones when we wish to remember them.

As you get to know the purpose of exporting the Viber chats, it’s time to go over the best and foremost process of exporting.

Part 2. How to export Viber messages to your phone by MobileTrans?

MobileTrans is a great solution for exporting Viber messages since it provides a simple, hassle-free procedure. You can back up your Viber messages to your computer for legal purposes or move them across devices with MobileTrans.

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Furthermore, MobileTrans provides your data with a high level of protection. It uses cutting-edge encryption technology to guarantee that your messages are secure during the transfer or export procedure.

As well, MobileTrans is simple to use and doesn't require any technological expertise.

A step-by-step guide to export Viber chat by MobileTrans

To perform the export Viber chat on iPhone, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Step 1. Download and Install MobileTrans

Run the MobileTrans program that you downloaded on your computer. Your screen will provide a number of options, including WhatsApp transfer, Phone Transfer, and more. To continue, choose "WhatsApp Transfer" from the menu, and head to click “Other Apps Transfer”. Then, you can see and choose “Viber Transfer”.

interface after launching the mobiletrans

  • Step 2. Connect your device to your computer

Connect your device to the PC for the MobileTrans program. Choose Viber from the list of 5 options in the left column. You will be prompted to back up or restore Viber data on the right side.

back up the viber data

  • Step 3. Viber data backup on your mobile device

Choose "Backup" from the menu. The processing of the data will be visible on your screen. Once finished, press the "OK" button.

completion of backup of viber

  • Step 4. Data Export to your phone

Tap the "restore" option on your desktop. You'll then be able to see every backup you've ever created. Choose the most recent backup of your Viber data that you have made. To recover data, click the Start button.

data exporting to pc

  • Step 5. Data Retrieval

All of the Viber messages and any attached images, videos, and other files may be opened and viewed when the restoration procedure is finished. Ensure that all of your gadgets are connected at all times.

completion of exportation

Note: MobileTrans does not support exporting Viber data to your PC now. Explore more alternative methods to export the Viber Data, as shown below!

Part 3. How to export Viber chat history by Cloud services

Everyone who wishes to keep their Viber chats private and secure should use cloud services to export their Viber conversation history. Accessibility, security, backup, space-saving, and convenience are just a few advantages it offers.

Your Viber messages will be readily available anytime you need them when you export them to the cloud or access them from any internet-connected device. Modern encryption technology makes your conversations more secure when stored in the cloud.

export viber messages by cloud service

Also, exporting your Viber messages to the cloud creates a backup of your messages, guaranteeing that you won't lose them in the event that your smartphone breaks down or is lost. Lastly, it's simple to export your Viber messages to the cloud.

Note: One of the biggest problems with cloud storage export services is its data privacy protection, so you must be careful when you decide to use a cloud-based service.

Steps to export Viber messages by Cloud services

This approach is helpful if you need to save your Viber messages online securely or if you want to access them on many devices. Here's how to use cloud services to export Viber messages:

  • Step 1. Launch Viber and select "Settings" on your mobile device.
  • Step 2. After this, choose "Account" and then "Viber Backup."

export viber backup from smartphone

  • Step 3. Enable "Auto Backup" to automatically back up your Viber messages to the cloud.
  • Step 4.  Decide which cloud service you wish to utilize, like iCloud or Google Drive.
  • Step 5. Follow the instructions to connect your Viber account to the cloud service.
  • Step 6. Your Viber messages will be stored in the cloud after the backup procedure is complete. Then you may view them from any connected device.
  • Step 7. Go into your cloud account and download the backup file in the appropriate format to export your Viber messages to your PC.

Bear in mind that this technique needs a strong internet connection, and if you use up all of your free storage, you could have to pay for more space.

Part 4. How to export Viber messages to the PC manually?

Those who wish to save a local copy of their Viber communications must manually export Viber messages to a Computer. One of the main advantages of manually exporting Viber messages to a Computer is the capacity to access communications offline.

This can be extremely helpful when there is no internet access or if the phone is lost or stolen. A PC offers an additional layer of protection and backup since it is less susceptible to viruses or hacker assaults than a mobile device.

export viber messages to the pc

It's also straightforward and simple to manually export Viber messages to a Computer without the need for technical expertise or understanding. Moreover, this enables users to employ different applications to do a deeper communications analysis.

A guide to exporting Viber messages to the PC manually

Manually exporting Viber messages to a Computer is a simple procedure. The steps are as follows:

  • Step 1. With a USB cord, join your phone to the computer.
  • Step 2. Go to the storage location on your phone using the PC's File Explorer.

pc's file explorer

  • Step 3. Open the Viber folder by searching for it in your phone's storage.
  • Step 4. Open the "media" folder by finding it.
  • Step 5. Locate the "Viber Messages" folder and copy it to the desired location on your System.

Note: Depending on your phone's make and model, the Viber folder's location may change. If you have problems locating the folder, you can use the search bar on your phone or visit the Viber support page for more assistance.

  • Step 6. When the folder has been copied, open it and look for the "Messages" folder to view your Viber messages on your computer.

Everything of your Viber communications, including pictures, videos, and voice memos, are stored in this folder.


Exporting Viber messages is a practical approach to preserving a copy of your chats, moving messages to a new device, or just backing up essential conversations. Viber messages can be exported in a number of methods, including MobileTrans, or exporting to cloud services.

It's critical to select the approach that best meets your objectives because each method has advantages and restrictions of its own. It's crucial to remember to verify your backup settings and select the best file format for your requirements when exporting Viber messages.

You can selectively export particular conversations or messages to save time and storage space instead of exporting them completely. You can quickly export your Viber messages and keep them secure according to the above recommendations.

3 common FAQs on exporting Viber messages

  • Can I selectively export Viber messages, or do I have to export all of them?
    Yes, you can export specific Viber messages. Most Viber message exporting tools or techniques let you select only the conversations or messages you wish to export, instead of exporting every single one.

    If you're using MobileTrans to export your Viber messages, you can pick the particular messages you wish to export by checking the boxes. Similarly, you can copy and paste the precise files corresponding to the messages you wish to save.

    It's vital to remember that the processes for selectively exporting Viber messages may change based on your chosen technique. Also, the number of chats or messages you may pick simultaneously may be restricted by some exporting tools or techniques.

  • Will exporting Viber messages delete them from my phone?
    You cannot erase Viber messages from your phone by exporting them to another device or storage place. The original Viber messages will stay on your phone until you decide to remove them individually.

    It's important to remember that exporting your messages may impact the state of your backup if you use the Viber cloud service or Viber backup. However, this does not imply that your phone will be empty of all your texts.

    It's always a good idea to double-check your backup settings and ensure you have a backup copy stored in the cloud or another storage location before exporting your Viber conversations in case of any unexpected data loss or corruption.

  • What file formats can I export Viber messages in?

    You can export your messages from Viber in two different file types: CSV and HTML.

    CSV (Comma Separated Values)

    Commas are used to denote value separation in the CSV file format, which is a plain text format. The data is provided tabularly when you export your Viber messages in CSV format. If you need to evaluate the data, this format is excellent.

    HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)

    Any web browser can open files in HTML format, which is used to produce online pages. If you want to see your Viber messages in a more user-friendly manner or share them with others, this format is perfect.

    Note: It's crucial to remember that your file format selections may change depending on your phone's operating system or the Viber version you're using. Moreover, some file formats may not be compatible with exporting complete data.

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Jun 07, 24
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