The requirement for data transfer from one device to another grows more critical. This is mainly true with Viber, where we frequently need to access discussions on many devices.

Moving Viber messages from a Laptop to an Android device is tricky, but there are techniques available to assist. This article will give the significance of moving Viber messages and instructions on transferring Viber messages manually and via MobileTrans.

After reading this article, readers will be equipped with the information and resources needed to easily move their Viber messages across devices. Let’s dig into this!

Part 1. Factors to Consider When Choosing a Transfer Method

There are various considerations to consider while selecting a transfer method for Viber messages from PC to Android, including

1. Compatibility

Check that the transfer method you select is compatible with both your Android smartphone and your Laptop. Certain transfer techniques could only be compatible with specific devices or operating systems.

2. Ease of use

Evaluate how simple the transfer technique is to utilize. Choose a clear and easy-to-understand approach to save time on learning how to utilize it.

easy-to-use interface for transferring viber data

3. Speed

Search for a technique of transfer that can send Viber messages instantly. You don't want to wait around for the transfer to finish for hours if you have a lot of messages to transfer.

4. Security

Be sure the method of transfer you select is safe and does not jeopardize the confidentiality of your messages.

5. Cost

While some transfer methods are free, some may charge a fee. Choose a solution that is inexpensive or falls within your budget after considering your budget.

6. Backup and restore

Make sure the transmission method you select has options for backup and restore. In the event that something goes wrong during the transfer procedure, this is crucial.

7. Reviews and Recommendations

Check out customer evaluations and suggestions that other users who have utilized the transfer technique have made. Before using the procedure, you may utilize this to find out if there are any potential concerns or problems with it.

Part 2. How To Make Viber Backup on PC - Android

It's essential to set up a Viber backup on Android and Desktop devices for various motives. First off, backing up your Viber communications can help safeguard your data from destruction, loss, or theft.

If your device is lost or destroyed, you can still recover your Viber messages on a new smartphone. Having a backup also guarantees that your messages are synchronized across all of your Viber-enabled devices if you use Viber on several devices.

A step-by-step guide of Manual Method for Viber Message Transfer

Follow these steps to create a Viber backup on your Desktop and transfer it to your Android device:

  • Step 1. On your computer, launch Viber and sign into your account.
  • Step 2. At the top-left corner of the screen, select the "More Options" option (three dots).
  • Step 3. "Settings" will appear in the drop-down menu. Then choose "Account."
  • Step 4. After selecting "Viber Backup," select "Backup Now." Hold off until the backup procedure is finished.
  • Step 5. Use a USB connection to link your Android handset to your Laptop.
  • Step 6. On your Computer, launch "File Explorer" and find the location of the Viber backup file. The backup file's default location is "C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\ViberDownloads."

find the backup file on the pc

  • Step 7. Transfer the backup file to your Android smartphone's internal storage or external SD card.

After getting through the transfer process, it’s time to check the advantages and disadvantages of different methods!

Pros and cons of different methods for Viber message transfer

The usage of MobileTrans and manual method in the process of Viber message and data transfer show the following usages and cons:

Methods Pros Cons
MobileTrans - Viber Transfer
Viber messages can be moved across devices with the help of the third-party program MobileTrans

Easily accessible to non-tech experienced users.

A paid subscription-based program.

Offers the transmission of all kind of data.

Some users might feel uneasy. utilizing third-party software to move their data.

A fantastic choice for people who use several devices.

Lack of customization in terms of data.

Safeguard user data in the transfer process.

Always a risk when exchanging sensitive data.

Rapid and can move plenty of data around.

Freezing and crashing Problems with the software.

The manual method of transferring Viber messages involves copying them from the PC and pasting them into the Android device.
  • No external software is necessary.
  • Have total control over the transfer process.
  • The manual method is free of cost.
  • Doesn't require any user experience.
  • Time-consuming for a large number of messages to transfer.
  • Increase the risk of data loss or corruption.
  • Doesn't create a backup file to store.
  • Tedious and error-prone, making mistakes during the transfer process.

Part 3. How to Restore Viber Messages after Backup

If you have recently switched to a new Android device, restoring your Viber messages from your PC backup can easily transfer your data to the new device. It also helps if you accidentally deleted your Viber messages or experienced data loss due to a software issue.

restore the viber messages after backup

Restoring your Viber messages can help you sync your messages across multiple devices if you use Viber on multiple devices. Sometimes, you need to record your Viber messages for legal or business purposes.

Overall, restoring Viber messages from a PC backup to an Android device can be a useful way to recover lost data, transfer messages to a new device, and ensure that your messages are synced across multiple devices.

The process to Restore Viber Messages after Backup

To restore the backup files on your Android device, you need to follow the following steps:

  • Step 1. Log into your account by opening Viber on your Android device.
  • Step 2. At the bottom right corner of the screen, click or tap the "More Choices" menu icon (a three-line icon).
  • Step 3. From the drop-down menu, select "Settings." Then tap "Account."
  • Step 4. Press "Viber Backup" once. After that, click "Restore."

restore the bBackup on the android device

  • Step 5. Tap "Restore Now" after choosing the backup file you transferred from your Computer.

Note: Hold off until the restoration procedure is finished. Make sure that the internet connection is stable.

Part 4. Why Do You Need to Make Viber Backup PC?

One of the most widely utilized messaging platforms globally is Viber. Despite the fact that Viber messages are often viewed on a mobile device, many users choose to see and save them on their Desktop.

Advantages of having Viber messages on your PC

Having Viber messages on your Desktop has a number of benefits, such as:

1. Access to discussions is simple

You may quickly view your conversations with Viber on your PC without switching between your phone and computer. If you work on your computer for extended periods of time, this is very helpful.

2. A larger display

While viewing shared photographs or videos in your discussions or reading messages, the bigger screen of your Computer provides a more pleasant viewing experience.

larger display of desktop for viber

3. Type faster

Sending messages quickly and effectively is made simpler because typing on a keyboard is often faster and more accurate than typing on a phone's touchscreen.

4. Backup

If your Computer serves as a backup for your Viber messages, you won't lose any crucial discussions.

Reasons to transfer Viber messages from PC to Android

For numerous reasons, transferring Viber messages from a ddesktop to an Android device is essential:

1. Seamless access to conversations on multiple devices

It enables access to discussions across both devices, allowing you to carry on a conversation without interruption no matter which device you are using. Those who use Viber for professional purposes and switch between devices should pay attention to this.

access of viber on multiple devices

2. Backup in case of device loss or damage

Viber messages on your Computer act as a backup in the event that your Android is misplaced or broken. In such cases, you can restore your texts to a new Android smartphone from your desktop backup, ensuring you don't lose any crucial data.

3. Easy data transfer to new Android devices

If you are switching to a new Android device and want to transfer your Viber chats to the new device, moving Viber messages from your PC to Android can also be useful. By doing this, you can eliminate the time and effort required to transmit each message manually.


Viber is a well-known messaging program that millions of people use all around the world. To prevent losing any crucial information, it's crucial to regularly back up your Viber messages on both your Desktop and Android smartphone.

There are various options for quickly and easily moving Viber messages from your Desktop to your Android device, such as utilizing MobileTrans or manually copying and pasting messages.

To choose the approach that best suits your needs, it is crucial to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each. The most appropriate method to use is by MobileTrans, which is just a one-click process and easily accessible.

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