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How Long Does it Take to Transfer iPhone to iPhone?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Recently there have been controversies amongst iPhone users about how long data transfer from iPhone to iPhone usually takes. So, if you have the question; 'How long does it take to transfer iPhone to iPhone?' You've come to the right page to find the answers.

In this post, we have discussed all you need to know about how long data transfer from iPhone to iPhone usually takes. Plus, the factors that usually affect how long it'll take iPhone to iPhone transfer to complete, and lots more.

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Part 1: Normally, How Long it Takes to Transfer Data to New iPhone

According to Apple, it could take a user 45 minutes to 1 hour for data to transfer completely from one iPhone to another if you're using any of the official transfer methods. If your iPhone is functioning normally and not running slowly, then it usually doesn't take very long to transfer data. But it all depends on the size of data you're transferring, and your Wi-Fi network or internet will also determine the speed of the transfer operation.

Tip: Sometimes your iPhone can get stuck in recovery mode, which will affect your transfer process. Learn how to fix this issue by clicking on the link.

The table below shows the average time it takes to transfer different sizes of data from iPhone to iPhone using different transfer methods;

Transfer Method Data Time
Restore from iCloud Backup 64GB 45 minutes - 1 hour
Restore backup from a computer(Mac or PC) using iTunes 64GB 10 - 20 minutes
Quick Start 64GB 45 minutes - 1 hour
MobileTrans 64GB 5 - 10 minutes

Part 2: Factors that Affect How Long It'll Take To Transfer Data to New iPhone

Although we mentioned earlier that the size of the data and the Wi-Fi network or internet speed determine the time spent, other factors will also affect how long the time will take. Let's find out all factors that affect the transfer speed of your data from one iPhone to the other:

1. Wi-Fi network connection

Not having a stable Wi-Fi network during data transfer from iPhone to iPhone will surely cause the process to lag or slow down than normal. To make data transfer fast, it's always advisable to have a Wi-Fi connection that is very stable to make the process flawless.

wifi network connection

2. Amount of data

The size of the data you're transferring will determine the speed of the data transfer from iPhone to iPhone. If the data is large, there's a high chance of slowing the process. However, if it's small it'll be faster.

3. Software updates

If your iPhone is running an outdated version of iOS, it might take hours for data to transfer from iPhone to iPhone or the data transfer option might not even display. This is why it's recommended to ensure your iPhone is updated to the latest iOS version to allow data transfer smooth and seamless.

software updates

4. Not enough storage space

Another factor that could affect iPhone-to-iPhone data transfer is not having enough storage space. Yes, before data transfer to another iPhone, make sure you check the storage capacity to avoid any kind of data transfer hindrance.

Part 3: How To Transfer Data to iPhone 3-times Faster Than Normal

The fastest way to transfer data between iPhones in this age is by the most powerful data transfer software - "MobileTrans". Yes, MobileTrans is one of the best tools that utilize advanced AI technology to facilitate lightning-fast data transfer in over six thousand mobile devices including iPhone via USB cable.

With this tool, you can transfer more than eighteen types of data from phone to phone before or after setup without compromising the device's existing data. Plus, it's not limited to transferring data between iPhones but also between iPhone and Android or vice versa. And the amazing thing is you don't necessarily need technical knowledge to navigate your way around the software's interface.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

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Here is how to transfer data to iPhone using MobileTrans;

Step 1: Install MobileTrans software and launch it. Then, click Phone Transfer Module and select Phone to Phone from the options displayed on your screen.

click phone transfer

Step 3: Connect your iPhones to the computer using their respective cable. Then, once MobileTrans detects the phones, it'll display one as Source while the other as Destination. Click the Flip button to switch the devices placement so the new iPhone will be Destination while the old iPhone will be Source.

detects both devices

  • Choose the category of data you want to copy from iPhone to iPhone. Then, click Start to begin the data transfer.

Step 3: Make sure you don't shake or disconnect the iPhones until the transfer operation is complete.

transfer operation is complete


There you have it. The time it takes to transfer data using Apple's official methods usually takes 45minutes to 1 hour, and as you can see from the article, it is usually affected by different factors like Wi-Fi network connection, iPhone storage, data size, and software updates. For faster data transfer from iPhone to iPhone, MobileTrans is the best option as it executes the operation flawlessly.

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