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How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to the New iPhone?

Nicola Massimo
Nicola Massimo Originally published Sep 06, 23, updated Jun 07, 24

"😁 I'll update my old iPhone to iPhone 15. How to transfer the important data in WhatsApp to the new iPhone?"

iPhone 15 is just days away. Surprisingly, the rumored iPhone 15 Pro versions can store up to 2TB of data. It means more room are available for our precious data, especially the app like WhatsApp. WhatsApp has become one of the essential parts in your daily life. It stores more documents, files, catalogs, and images for business people. Also, it saves your favorite musics, photos, as well as stickers and chats.

However, how to transfer WhatsApp to the new iPhone? This article will offer you three workable mathods.

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Method 1: WhatsApp Transfer to the New iPhone in WhatsApp

Firstly, you can migrate your WhatsApp data to the new iPhone in an official way in WhatsApp. But before you start, ensure you have the following requirements.

  • Old and new iPhone must have iOS or above installed.
  • Ensure you are using the same number.
  • Make sure you have not registered your new iPhone on WhatsApp until you start the migration on your old phone.
  • Both phones must be close to each other.
  • Connect both devices to a power source.
  • Connect both devices to the internet.

Once you have met these requirements, you are ready.

  1. Step 1 On your old phone, open WhatsApp.
  2. Step 2 Go to Settings > Chats > Transfer Chats to iPhone > Start.
    tap transfer chats to iphone
  3. Step 3 You will get a pop up “WhatsApp would like access to the camera”, tap Allow if it’s not already enabled. Note: This is important as you will scan the QR code on your new iPhone using your old iPhone.
    chat transfer qr
  4. Step 4 On your new iPhone, open WhatsApp.
  5. Step 5 Accept the terms and conditions. Next, verify your mobile number.
    whatsapp terms of service
  6. Step 6 Transfer chat history to iPhone will pop up, Tap Continue. Then accept local network permissions.
  7. Step 7 Scan the QR code on your new iPhone using the WhatsApp camera on your old iPhone.
    scan qr code
  8. Step 8 You will get another prompt to accept local network permissions, accept it.
  9. Step 9 WhatsApp transfer will start. Ensure WhatsApp is open on both phones and keep both phones close.
  10. Step 10 You will get the transfer completed notification, tap Next. Then you can set up your WhatsApp profile. And after that, you can then access your existing chats.

Method 2: WhatsApp Transfer to the New iPhone with MobileTrans

You may consider the official method too long and prefer something shorter and less complicated. With MobileTrans, WhatsApp data transfer is straightforward and it allows to transfer WhatsApp chats without deleting the old ones. Follow the steps below to transfer WhatsApp data from old iPhones to the new iPhone.

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  1. Step 1 Visit the official website and Download the MobileTrans software. Install and launch it. From the main screen, click on WhatsApp Transfer.
    confirm data transfer
  2. Step 2 Connect your two iPhones to the computer using the lightning. The computer will recognize your devices, and you will see a screen as shown below.
    whatsapp data transfer complete
  3. Step 3 The iPhone you are sending from should be on the left. While the receiving iPhone should be on the right. Once you have sorted this, click Start. You will see a pop-up window asking you to confirm. To proceed, click on Yes.
    whatsapp data transfer complete
  4. Step 4 MobileTrans will start your WhatsApp data transfer. Ensure that both devices remain connected to your computer during the transfer process. Wait for a few minutes. You will get a notification showing that confirms data transfer completion.
    whatsapp data transfer complete

Method 3: WhatsApp Transfer to the New iPhone via iCloud

iCloud is a primary tool for iPhone users, you can also transfer WhatsApp to the new iPhone with iCloud. iCloud allows you to store data, so even if something goes wrong during the transfer process, your data is still saved in iCloud. Also, with iCloud, you do not need to use any third party software. You can do all WhatsApp data transfer within the Apple ecosystem.

However, you must ensure you've enabled iCloud on your iPhone and back up WhatsApp data to iCloud storage beforehand.

Follow the steps below to transfer your old iPhone to the new one.

  1. Step 1 Backup your old iPhone to iCloud. Open the Settings on your old iPhone, click on your Profile (Apple ID/Name), and select iCloud from the options. Locate iCloud Backup and tap on the toggle next to it to turn it on. Then click Backup Now to back up the iPhone data to iCloud.
  2. Step 2 Reset your new iPhone.You need to erase all existing data if you've set up the new iPhone. Enter the Settings on it and then tap on General. Next, select Reset and click on Erase All Contents and Settings.
    reset your iphone 15
  3. Step 3Reboot your iPhone 15 and set it up again. Once you get to the Apps & Data screen, select Restore from iCloud Backup. Then provide the correct Apple ID of your old iPhone. Then select the backup that you want to be restored to your iPhone 15.
  4. Step 4Start to restore your WhatsApp data. Finally, your WhatsApp data start to restore from iCloud. Wait for minutes, you’ll get the WhatsApp data you select in your new iPhone 15.
    reboot your iphone 15 and restore


Apple launchs their new models every year but leave the some problems of transfering data to you. However, you can transfer your WhatsApp to the new iPhone effecetively by above three ways. With worries left behind, you can use iPhone 15 soomthly in several days.

Nicola Massimo
Nicola Massimo Jun 07, 24
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