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How to Fix WhatsApp Status Not Uploading?

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

My WhatsApp Status is not uploading. Can anyone help?

WhatsApp status allows users to share their exciting moments with friends and family through pictures, videos, GIFs, or text. However, sometimes it takes too long to upload the WhatsApp status or even fails.

In this article, we have explained the causes of the WhatsApp status upload problem and easy solutions to fix the issues. Let's get started:

fix whatsapp status not uploading

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Part 1: Common Cause of WhatsApp Status Upload Problem

Many of you might be unable to upload videos on WhatsApp status, while others might even struggle with the picture or GIFs.There can be several reasons for this problem, and we have stated a solution for each in the next section. Keep on reading to know more!

1. WhatsApp Server Issue

WhatsApp server issues are the most common reasons you cannot upload the status. Sometimes, the wrong date and time on your phone will restrict you from synching the data with the WhatsApp server.

2. Unstable Internet Connection

When you're experiencing slow or poor internet connectivity from the internet provider, you'll not be able to upload your WhatsApp status.

3. Large Media File

Large media files will take longer than usual, or sometimes the uploading gets stuck. However, WhatsApp has a built-in feature that trims the large video files into parts before uploading to WhatsApp status.

4. Unsupported Media File Format

WhatsApp allows you to upload media files in various formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, and 3GP format. Other than these formats, there is no way to upload the video to WhatsApp status; the same is true with pictures.

5. Application Issue

An outdated version of the WhatsApp application can lead to the issue of this WhatsApp status not uploading. Sometimes, WhatsApp has already launched any new feature regarding the WhatsApp status, and the outdated app version will not be able to post the new status.

6. WhatsApp sync turned off

If the WhatsApp sync feature is turned off, it might lead to obstruction while uploading the statuses.

Part 2: How to Fix My WhatsApp Status Not Uploading

Sharing your thoughts and opinions via WhatsApp status is the easiest way to reflect on yourself. However, you may unable to upload video on WhatsApp status. Worry not; we have got you some best solutions to fix the WhatsApp status upload problem!

Fix 1: Switch to Stable Internet

As mentioned in the above section, a poor internet connection can be a hurdle in your way while uploading your status on WhatsApp. This is because the device cannot connect to the WhatsApp servers to upload the media. The only solution is to switch your device to a stable internet connection by changing your network carrier or connecting a Wi-Fi. You can try these as well:

  • Switch ON/OFF the airplane mode to reset the mobile internet.
  • Switch between the mobile internet and Wi-Fi.

Fix 2: Try Upload Status Again

Sometimes, your internet connection or device might not be an issue. What's keeping you away from uploading the status might be the non-responsive WhatsApp servers or any glitch. If you get the error in red stating can't send, try uploading the status again.

couldn't send error

Fix 3: Convert Media File Format

If you're still unable to upload the WhatsApp status after trying the above solutions, the video or picture you're trying to upload perhaps has the wrong file format. WhatsApp supports MP4, AVI, 3GP, or MKV file format for videos and JPEG or PNG for pictures.

To solve this issue, try the online media converter application or tools to convert the file into the desired format.

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Fix 4: Upload a Different Picture or Video

If the video or photo is too large, you still cannot upload your WhatsApp status, so you can try to upload a different picture or video to verify whether the issues are related to media content or not.

Fix 5: Check the WhatsApp Server Status

Check for the other social media platforms where users might have reported that “My WhatsApp status not uploading, WhatsApp is down!” Yes, that's right— the unresponsive WhatsApp servers can also be a reason for the status uploading problems. You can check the status of WhatsApp servers from multiple online platforms.

Fix 6: Check the Date and Time of Your Phone

If your device has the wrong date and time, the WhatsApp application will be affected automatically. You might not be able to send messages or upload the status.

To solve this issue, update your device's date and time from Settings:

  • Step1: Go to Settings>Date and Time.
  • Step2: Toggle to turn ON the “Use network-provided time” and “Use network-provided time zone.”

update date and time

Fix 7: Update WhatsApp

WhatsApp developers continuously update the application to introduce new features or fix bugs. Therefore, whenever an update is released in a particular section— let's say in the WhatsApp status section— the outdated app will no longer receive support from the manufacturer, and you'll be unable to upload the status.

  • Step1: Go to Play Store. Search for WhatsApp.
  • Step2: Tap on Update to download and install the latest version of WhatsApp.

update whatsapp

Fix 8: Clear WhatsApp Cache [Android]

Clearing cache for any website or application is considered a general fix for most problems. The cache can slow down the application or website and must be cleared after some time. Therefore, try to clear WhatsApp cache to solve the WhatsApp status ot an uploading problem.

Here's a step-by-step guide to clearing the WhatsApp cache:

  • Step1: Go to Settings>Apps & Notifications.
  • Step2: Tap on WhatsApp and choose Storage and Cache.

chose whatsapp

  • Step3: Choose the Clear Cache option to clear all the caches.

Note: You can also choose the Clear Storage option, but it'll clear all the chats from your WhatsApp.

clear whatsapp cache

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chose whatsapp

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backup whatsapp


WhatsApp status is a silent yet effective mode of communication for the young generation. They can upload the status to wish someone or share their thoughts on a particular topic. However, being unable to upload videos on WhatsApp status or other types of content can be irritating. Worry not; we have stated multiple solutions above to solve this issue.

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