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What Happens When You Uninstall WhatsApp

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Have you ever wondered what happens if you uninstall WhatsApp? Either by accident or when you need to do it for any possible reason, the second you uninstall WhatsApp, it will disappear from your phone.

Your contacts will be able to see you on their list, but their messages won't reach you. No audio calls, video calls, or even group calls will be able to connect to your device.

Part 1 - Deleting vs Uninstalling WhatsApp

If you’re an avid user of the app, I’m sure you must have wondered what would happen if you just deleted the app and enjoyed the silence that it brought. Today, social media apps can be really annoying as they buzz constantly, what with their notifications. If text notifications were not enough, WhatsApp has a notification that says you ‘might’ have received notifications. This article will tell you what happens when you delete a WhatsApp account and how it is different from just uninstalling the app.

Or you might need to switch phones and are concerned about whether or not your data will remain the same if you uninstall the app, or if you delete it. The question of What happens if I delete my WhatsApp account must surely be running in your mind.

First things, let’s understand what is uninstalling and what is deletion.

Uninstalling WhatsApp:

It means simply removing it from your device’s memory and storage. Your account will not change or be harmed when you do this. This means, your account will still receive messages and calls, only thing is that you will not be notified as the app doesn’t exist on your phone. This is how you do it -

Step 1: On your phone, open the settings option.


Step 2: Then go to the apps section.


Step 3: Select WhatsApp from the list of apps.


Step 4: The uninstall option will be displayed on the screen. Click on it and the process will begin.


When you delete your WhatsApp account, you remove all your information from the company’s database. This means that now, you will not receive any messages or calls from your contacts. In fact, your profile picture will be removed and when someone sends you a message, they will be met with only one tick instead of two. it’s basically like you completely cease to exist on the app.

You may also be interested in WhatsApp Viewer Review and The Best Alternative. WhatsApp Viewer can be used to view WhatsApp chats on your PC. Before you delete your WhatsApp account, through this app you can read old WhatsApp messages more quickly and easily.

Deleting your WhatsApp account:

It means you will have to register all over again with your phone number and need to find contacts from scratch This will be cumbersome not only for you but also for the people to who you send messages. Also, deleting your account removes you from the cloud backup as well. This is how you do it -

Step 1: Open Whatsapp on your phone.


Step 2: Select Settings in your WhatsApp and choose the option ‘Account’.


Step 3: At the bottom, you will find - Delete Account - choose that and confirm the process.


Part 2 - What happens to chat messages after deleting WhatsApp?

You must still be wondering, what happens if I delete WhatsApp? What happens to my chat messages, my calls? Fear not, just keep reading to find out exactly what happens.

when you uninstall the app, no significant changes happen to your chat messages. You will still receive them, but simply won’t be able to access them. WhatsApp has both a local backup and a cloud backup in which your messages will be stored until you reinstall the app.


It is important to note that the app takes time to restore your messages. These messages may not even contain media in the backups. Also, the backups only get stored automatically on android phones. If you have an iPhone, you have a very strong possibility of losing your data and messages if you don’t back it up manually. Even with Android, you have to change settings to back-up daily so that you don’t lose out on your data.


Part 3 - What happens to group conversations?

Group texts are a feature that is widely used in WhatsApp. Because of the ease of making new groups, there are literally millions of groups made every day and people added to them. I’m sure you’ve experienced this as well.

That’s why, you’re thinking, what happens when you delete a WhatsApp account? When you delete an account, all your conversations are deleted. You will be removed from any groups, even if you are the admin. If anyone tries to add you back, that will not be possible as well, as your account doesn’t exist anymore.


On the other hand, when you simply uninstall the app, none of these things happen. You will still be a member of the groups and the messages will be received by your account and stored in a cloud backup. When you reinstall the app, they will be received by your phone as well. However, these take a little time to be downloaded and you might see a message that notifies you that you received messages from so and so person.


If you have important groups such as workplace or family groups, it’s best if you opt for uninstalling the app rather than deleting your account altogether. Also, just a reminder that if you’re using an Apple device, you need to manually back up your phone to save its WhatsApp contents before you uninstall.

Part 4 - Will I still be visible to my contacts?


The answer again depends on the situation. When you decide to uninstall, the app recognizes that and does not change any of your contact information. This means that you will still be visible to your contacts, and your profile picture will also be the same, but just disabled. When you reinstall, the image will pop right back up on your profile. If you have your read receipts off, the contacts will be able to see your last seen. They can still send messages to you, but they will only get one tick and not two, which denotes that the message was received.

If in case you delete your account, all your contacts will be removed, along with any other information you might have. This means that neither you will be able to message them again, nor they can message you. Because your account will be wiped from the software. You will have to add them again when you download the app and register to be able to message them.

Part 5 - How to know if someone has uninstalled WhatsApp


At the moment of writing, there is no way to understand if someone has uninstalled the app. WhatsApp does not have a specific notification or way to let other people know that the account was deleted either. So if you want to know whether or not someone has removed the app from their phone, I’m afraid that will not be possible.

However, you can surely estimate whether that has happened. If someone who used to be really active on WhatsApp, or you used to talk regularly to suddenly can’t be reached, for more than 24 - 48 hours, it’s safe to say that they might have uninstalled the app. You can know this by checking the number of ticks. When previously a double tick would appear, now only one does.

The person’s last seen is quite old and shows that they haven’t opened the app in more than a few days. These are all signs that they have uninstalled WhatsApp on their phones.

Coming to deleting, WhatsApp doesn’t give a confirmation on this as well, but here are the signs you should look out for if you want to know if someone deleted their account - First, their profile picture disappears. It will be replaced by a blank, default image given by WhatsApp. Next, they are removed from all groups, or it shows that they have exit groups. You won’t be able to see them in your Whatsapp contacts as well.

Expert Tip - How to restore WhatsApp messages and data?

Mobiletrans - WhatsApp Transfer is an app that can help you store and back up your data within minutes. You can use this for saving your WhatsApp chats and all its media. Not only does it help with backups, but the software can also be used to transfer data between devices as well. Here’s how to use MobileTrans to move your WhatsApp data to your PC safely.

Step 1 - Install MobileTrans into your computer. To do this, visit their website and download it for free.

Step 2 - Once it is installed and running, open it and click on the "Backup&Restore" tab, then go to "App Backup & Restore" and choose the "WhatsApp” to continue.


Step 3 - It will prompt you to connect your device to the computer. You can do so with the help of a USB cable.


Step 4 - Once connected, all you have to do is press Start to initiate a backup to your computer. Now sit back and relax until the backup is completed.


That’s all it takes to move your data from your phone to your computer or any other device. MobileTrans works with both iOS and Android devices so you can backup both before uninstalling or deleting the app.


I hope this article has shed some light on the questions - if I uninstall WhatsApp what happens and if you delete the WhatsApp app what happens. Transferring your data to a computer is a safe way to keep it safe, as WhatsApp does not provide encryption on its cloud servers. While that doesn’t mean that all the safety measures are removed, it will still make it easier for hackers to access your data. If you store it on a pen drive or hard disk or even on your own computer, this risk becomes non-existent. Also, MobileTrans makes it so much easier for you to do this and is the best option for manual backups.

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