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4 Best WhatsApp Backup Extractors You Should Know

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

When choosing a WhatsApp backup extractor, it is not a matter of extracting the entire data but offering flexibility and convenience during the decryption of the WhatsApp data to ensure readability. You need an app that gives you the ability to extract the information selectively when necessary.

A variety of WhatsApp backup extractors are all over the internet, but not all options will deliver to meet your needs. This article highlights the best apps to help you extract WhatsApp backup without hassle. Read on to learn amazing WhatsApp backup extractors for your task.

1: WhatsApp backup extractor: MobileTrans - WhatsApp Transfer

MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer is an incredible WhatsApp backup extractor designed to help you live with your smartphone in good and bad times. Whether you want to transfer WhatsApp and other social apps data from one device to another, back it up to cloud services, or restore it, the program has dedicated solutions to all tasks at hand.

It also comes with functions to enable iOS and Android WhatsApp users to control their WhatsApp data effectively.

The following are the ways the app brings a convenient solution.

1.1 Transfer WhatsApp between Android and iPhone:

Whenever you upgrade to a new smartphone, you will need to transfer your WhatsApp data with a WhatsApp backup extractor, including messages and media files. Whether you are transferring from Android to iPhone or iPhone to Android, MobileTrans delivers the expected results conveniently.


1.2 Backup WhatsApp data to computer:

Backing up your WhatsApp data to a computer is an intelligent solution to securing it from unexpected loss due to unforeseen situations. MobileTrans can help to backup meaningful conversations and media files selectively. The app is compatible with iOS and Android devices, so you don’t have to worry when you upgrade to smartphones running on different operating systems. All the backups are stored on your PC with no risk of data loss or interference whatsoever.

You can learn how to backup your WhatsApp data through this video:

1.3 Restore WhatsApp Backups to Android or iPhone: 

MobileTrans-WhatsApp Transfer enables users to restore WhatsApp data any time they want, but only if they used the app to create the backups. You can restore the WhatsApp backups to android or iOS devices conveniently. Also, you can restore the previous backups you want because the MobileTrans app does not overwrite data during the backup process.

When looking to restore your WhatsApp, you need to backup it first. When backing up your WhatsApp data to your PC or Mac, the MobileTrans app can help with simple one-click steps. Beware that you can also backup other phone data such as contacts, messages, and contacts, among other data on iPhone or Android to PC.

Follow these detailed steps to back up your WhatsApp data to your computer.

  • Install and launch the MobileTrans software on your computer. Connect your mobile device to the computer and click on the module named "Backup&Restore" from the MobileTrans window.
  • The MobileTrans app will automatically load supported files on the connected iPhone or Android device. Select the data you want to Backup and click on the Start button. The backup process will initiate.
  • Ensure you keep the phone connected to the computer until the backup is completed. The process will take a while, depending on the number of files you selected.
  • If you want to view the backup you created, use the Restore module to access the MobileTrans backup file. When the backup is completed successfully, you can read your WhatsApp conversations in Html or PDF format.

2: WhatsApp extractor

WhatsApp extractor is a WhatsApp backup extractor software used to retrieve backups created from WhatsApp conversations. The program is designed to support iOS devices, even those running on iOS 7. the apps can recover contacts, chats, videos, voice notes, and photos from WhatsApp backup created through iTunes.

WhatsApp extractor is a flexible solution enabling iPhone users to choose a backup point to recover messages, media, and contacts. Typically, the most recent backup is recommended because it is likely to contain more content. When you connect your iPhone to the computer and launch the WhatsApp extractor app, you will view the device information, including the firmware, IMEI number, and device name.

alt: whatsapp extractor

The software contains a module named ‘WhatsApp details.’ The function displays the exact number of chats, messages, contacts, and medial to recover. Once you initiate the recovery process, the software will find and save your conversations, both for groups and individuals, in an Html format. All the recovered chats will have the date and time showing when you recovered them. On the other hand, contacts will be saved in the CSV or VCF format, while other media like videos, voice notes, and photos will maintain their original format.

transfer whatsapp with whatsapp extractor

WhatsApp extractor comes with significant benefits for iPhone users. The software functions are displayed on an intuitive interface. Every module is easy to use on a single screen to select iTunes backup that you want to recover. You can also select the folders in which you want to extract the WhatsApp data. Once you click on the recover button, the process will initiate instantly.

whatsapp extractor software

The software is practical and affordable. The recovery process is reliable as the WhatsApp extractor can recover all content backed up. You only need to ensure you have your iPhone backup on iTunes to recover the chats without the hassle of complicated options.

3: WhatsApp backup extractor: WhatsApp Viewer

Whenever you backup android WhatsApp data on your computer, the chances are that you may want to view them in the future. WhatsApp chats cannot be viewed directly on the computer without third-party software. WhatsApp viewer is the best solution to display chats from android msgstore.db.

whatsapp viewer

The WhatsApp viewer for windows is only used to retrieve Android WhatsApp messages without an internet connection. The app displays conversations through downloading the android msgstore.db file while it supports various versions of the database, including crypt 5, crypt 7, crypt 8, and crypt 12. You don’t have to install the crypt library when searching for messages.

When installing the app on your computer, you require 1.3MB on disk for the latest installation package (the 1.9 version). Follow these steps to view your WhatsApp messages.

Get the key and database file from your android device.

  • Open the WhatsApp viewer app.
  • Go to File>Open>select file
  • Open the folder ‘extracted’ and select msgstore.db
  • In the account name, you can leave the field empty. It is also optional to import contact names from the file.
  • Click on the chat you want to view the messages. You might not see the bigger images because the database only contains thumbnails.

4: WhatsApp backup extractor: ITunes backup transfer

ITunes backup transfer is a valuable tool for retrieving iPhone WhatsApp backup among other files on a computer. The app can easily extract all the device data, including contact, calendar, videos, photos, etc. besides extracting, and the app allows iPhone users to recover and restore all data to the iPhone, iPad, or iPod, which is unlike other utility software.

itunes backup

ITunes backup extractor offers a fast and straightforward way to extract and recover different iPhone content from iTunes. The app will quickly find the backup folder automatically on your PC. The app will then save the content on the computer's local storage. The app also lets users choose manually if they know the iTunes backup location.

When transferring the extracted data from iTunes to your computer, the iTunes backup extractor app allows you to save in different formats such as TXT, CSV, PDF, or HTML files. If you want to retrieve the content to your iPhone or iPad, the app provides an easy way to restore it directly.


Whenever you lose WhatsApp data or want to retrieve older chats from your backups on a computer, the chances are that you will go for a reliable WhatsApp backup extractor to help you view the messages. Several WhatsApp backup extractors exist on the internet, but not all can promise reliable solutions. The list above is among the top options to help you with the task regardless of whether you are an android or iOS user. MobileTrans – WhatsApp transfer works perfectly since it involves secure and straightforward criteria when extracting WhatsApp data for iPhone and Android.

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