How to Convert a WhatsApp Account to a Business Account

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WhatsApp is no exception when it comes to online business operations. Thus, you must grab some general information of a business account before knowing how to convert the WhatsApp account to a business account. Most people are quite busy surfing online, so it's better to utilize the audience towards your perspective. WhatsApp users are in millions across the globe. Even you have WhatsApp number of every essential person in your mobile phone.

So, why not use this huge platform for business purposes?

It will take you some steps and the right information to convert WhatsApp to a business account. Let us begin.

Part 1: How to convert WhatsApp account to business account

Given below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert WhatsApp into a business account. Follow every step to meet your goal.

Step 1: Have a backup!

The first step is to make a backup of WhatsApp messenger before any transfer takes place. If you want to retain chat history, backup is essential. Go to Settings> Chats> Chat Backup> Back-Up/Back Up Now. This process applies to both Android and iPhone devices.

backup WhatsApp messages

Or, you can use Wondershare Mobile Trans for the purpose. The benefit of using MobileTrans is that you don't have to use iTunes or iCloud, which may be tricky. So, directly use the platform and get the backup done quickly. To know its backup steps, go through the next section and then cover up here!

sauvegarde whatsapp accueil

Step 2: Download Business app

It's time to download the WhatsApp business app. It is available in both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

WhatsApp business account

Step 3: Review the terms and register

Select Agree to confirm all the terms of service. This business account automatically detects the personal number you're using on a standard account. Now, you have to enter a business number to start registration.

Step 4: Transfer account and allow access

WhatsApp business account transfer is taking place. So, you should keep the phone on and let it happen. After it takes place, you would need to restore it. So, go for Restore or Continue. Then, select Next. Give permissions to adding photos, videos, and files from regular to a business account.

Step 5: Create a WhatsApp Business account

Enter your business category, name, and select your profile picture.

WhatsApp business account

Step 6: Make your business profile

You can create a business profile by providing essential information about your business. Go to Settings> Your Business Name, and add the relevant information.

WhatsApp business profile

So, this is how to convert WhatsApp to a business account. Yet, the steps are quite more with backup and transfer. But, you can do these tasks separately with the help of Wondershare MobileTrans. The platform offers an intuitive yet simple interface to perform all such functions in just one click. Even if you're a beginner, you'll find it hassle-free as there is no use of iCloud or iTunes.

Part 2: How to transfer WhatsApp business from one phone to another

Before we let you know the transfer process, let's continue with our previous section. We've already discussed the use of MobileTrans for WhatsApp backup. This multi-purpose software can be used for the transfer, backup, and restoration as well. So, let's see how you can quickly backup.

MobileTrans: WhatsApp Backup

Step 1: Connect your phone with the computer

After launching MobileTrans, you need to connect the phone with the PC. And, choose Backup WhatsApp Messages on the main WhatsApp panel window.

sauvegarde whatsapp accueil

Step 2: Choose the files and start backup

After you connect the phone, all the data will be automatically detected. Now, you can choose different data for backup and proceed.

sauvegarde whatsapp faq

There will be no additional step if you are using an iPhone. However, Android phone demands an extra level here. When you click the Start button after choosing the files, it will show you a screen as follows.

sauvegarde whatsapp faq

Then, you need a restoration on your WhatsApp account as follows.

sauvegarde whatsapp faq

Step 3: Complete Backup

Now, backup is complete, and you can see the progress on the main panel.

sauvegarde whatsapp faq

MobileTrans: WhatsApp Transfer

Step 1: Connect phone with computer

Launch the MobileTrans, select the Phone Transfer module, and connect your phone with the PC. Then, you need to click Transfer WhatsApp messages, as shown below.

transférer messages whatsapp

Step 2: Start Message Transfer

As you connect, MobileTrans will load media files and messages automatically. Select what you want to move and click the Transfer button. In case, you have wrongly set the source and destination phone, simply click the Flip button.

transférer messages whatsapp android vers ios

Step 3: Complete Transfer

In this step, the transfer is almost complete. You can check the progress in the window before disconnecting any device.

transférer messages whatsapp android vers ios

WhatsApp Business Tool: Beneficial Messaging Tool

If you are converting WhatsApp to a business account, make sure to check its beneficial messaging tools.

WhatsApp messaging tool is one of the exciting features to consider. You can find them in Settings> Business Settings> Messaging Tools. The three main elements of messaging tools are Quick Replies, Away message, and Greeting message.

The Greeting message is the automatic first response to the user for stock queries.

The Away message indicates that you are out for a while and will be back. With the help of an auto-response message, you can set Away time on the app itself.

And, the feature of Quick Replies will save you a lot of time. Moreover, you can customize your Quick Replies as per requirements.

WhatsApp business account messaging tools

With the app's advancement, it's super-easy to integrate WhatsApp business account with your business website or Facebook. You just have to follow the process with a simple hyperlink.


Hopefully, now you know how to convert the WhatsApp account to a business account. See, the trend of using WhatsApp is never going to end for the coming years. As a growing business person, you should utilize every opportunity out there. Appreciate the features provided by WhatsApp business messaging tools and carry on productively!

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