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Every year, retailers unveil Black Friday deals on Airpods. Last year saw many deals on big retailers like Amazon and BestBuy. This year will be the same.

So, as we fast approach the main day, prepare your list to shop for the Apple Airpod of your choice. The Apple AirPods black Friday 2023 deals promise to be fun, and you cannot miss out on it. But before that, why not review some of the best Apple Airpods in the market?

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    1. Reasons to Buy The Airpods

Top Black Friday Deals on Airpods for 2022

Last year’s Black Friday was eventful for shoppers. To get some ideas of what we expect to see this year, here are some of the hottest deals for Apple airpods for black Friday 2022.

List Price Deal Price Save Retailer
Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) $273 $200 $73 Amazon
Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) $169 $140 $29 Amazon
Apple AirPods (2nd Generation) $129 $79 $50 Amazon
Apple AirPods Max $549 $449 $100 Amazon
AirPods Pro (2021) $249 $159.99 $90 Verizon
AirPods Pro 2 (2022) $249.00 $199.99 $49 Amazon
AirPods 2 (2019) $129.00 $79.00 $50.00 Amazon

Last year, Black Friday shoppers saved $100 on the $550 AirPods Max. We expect a better deal this year, considering that the device is now one year older. Watch out for that one.

Also, the 2nd-generation AirPods Pro had discounts of around $50. The Apple AirPods Black Friday deals for this year will be similar, and you can expect to get around $50 off the AirPod price. Apple has recently introduced the H2-powered AirPods Pro, which comes with a USB-C charging port. So, there's a high chance that second-generation Airpods will have slightly better discounts than last year.

We will review some early Black Friday discount offers, but before that, here is a review of the best Airpods in the market in 2023.

apple Airpods in charging case

Best Apple Airpods in 2023

Apple Airpods Pro 2 Apple AirPods 2019 (2nd-gen) Apple AirPods 2021 (3rd-gen) Apple AirPods Max
Airpod Weight 5.3 grams 4 grams 4.28 grams 384.8 grams
Case Weight MagSafe Charging Case (USB-C): 50.8 grams Lightning Charging Case: 38.2 grams Lightning Charging Case: 37.91 grams Smart Case: 134.5 grams
Case Size 0.94 x 0.86 x 1.22 inches 1.74 by 0.84 by 2.11 inches 1.83 by 0.84 by 2.14 inches 24cm (9.5") wide by 23cm (9" tall), with has a depth of 6cm (2.25")
Chip H2 chip for headphone
U1 chip in MagSafe Charging Case (USB-C)
H1 chip for headphone H1 chip for headphone H1 chip for headphone
Charging Qi Wireless, MagSafe, USC-C, Lightning Qi Wireless, Lightning Qi Wireless, MagSafe, Lightning Qi Wireless, MagSafe, USC-C, Lightning, Smart Case
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3 Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0 Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Life 7 Hours
Over 30 hours with charging case
5 Hours
Over 24 hours with charging case
6 Hours
Over 30 hours with charging case
20 Hours
Noise Canceling Yes No No Yes (ANC)
Headphone Fit In Ear In Ear In Ear Over Ear

Reasons to Buy The Airpods

Apple AirPods Pro 2

It's arguably the best airpod in the market

  1. USB-C: Like the iPhone 15, Apple replaced Lightning with USB-C on Apple AirPods Pro 2.
  2. Excellent noise and sound canceling
  3. MagSafe
  4. Dust resistance
  5. H2 chip
Apple AirPods 2019 (2nd-gen)

Although they no longer include a wireless charging option, this second-generation AirPods are still an appealing option if you are on a budget.

  1. Siri voice recognition
  2. Wireless connectivity
  3. H1 chip
  4. Affordable price: around $100-$129
Apple AirPods 2021 (3rd-gen)

If you prefer an open design, this airpods would suit you.

  1. Reduce noise to some extent. But they don't perform well with Airpods Pro 2.
  2. Pick up your voice easily.
  3. Not too expensive, at around $169.
Apple AirPods Max

Apple broke tradition with the design here. If you want to stand out with a different design, this is for you. The Airpod Max also packs advanced features.

  1. Active Noise Cancellation
  2. Over 20 hours of battery power.
  3. Get a discount on Black Friday on its regular price of $549.
apple airpod max

Early Apple AirPods Black Friday Deals

Here is the thing, you will get the best offer on Black Friday. But if you cannot wait or need to replace your Airpods immediately, you can consider these early Apple airpods Black Friday 2023 deals.

List Price Deal Price Save Retailer
Apple AirPods Pro 2 $249 $189 $60 Walmart
Apple - AirPods Max - Space Gray $549 $479.99 $70 Best Buy
Apple - AirPods Max - Green $549 $499 $50 B&H Photo
Apple - AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with MagSafe Case (USB‑C) $249.99 $199.99 $50 Best Buy
Apple Airpods (2nd generation) $129.00 $99.00 $30 Walmart
apple airpods under charging

Retail Stores to Find in Apple AirPods Black Friday Deals

The biggest stores always have the best offers. So, you can always start there. Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart are among the top 3 places to find the Apple AirPods black Friday deals.

You can also watch out for smaller retailers like Newegg and B&H Photo Video and mobile carriers like Verizon.

Amazon: Amazon offered around $50-$100 discounts on Airpods for Black Friday 2022. They usually have the most discounts on multiple products.

Best Buy: Best Buy also rivals Amazon in terms of big discounts and early offers. Early offers currently have a discount range of $50 to $70, and you can expect this to increase on Black Friday.

Walmart: Walmart offers discount deals for brand new, used, and refurbished Airpods here. Though their discounts are not as big as Amazon, you can still find some good deals.

Newegg: Newegg offers a wide range of discounts with free shipping for Black Friday orders. Offers go live on their website from 1st November and run until 25th November. They also offer price protection to ensure you don't miss out when prices drop further.

B&H Photo Video: If you are looking for refurbished products in pristine condition, you can find it here. Also, expect big offers for older AirPods.


So, that is it. There will be many Apple AirPods black Friday 2023 deals on the main day. But you can also find good deals before then, as we highlighted.

So, prepare yourself to get your favorite Airpods at a discount. Whether it is the Black Friday Apple Airpods Pro offer or any other Airpods, keep an eye on the big retailers as they start rolling out Black Friday discount offers for 2023.

Nicola Massimo
Nicola Massimo Jun 07, 24
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