Ever felt lost trying to sort files on your iPhone? Ever wished iOS File Manager was more efficient? We've all been there. Sure, iOS file management can be tricky and even though the Files app tries its best, we could use more. We keep loads of files on iPhones and iPads for everything, like documents and videos, right at our fingertips.

So, it's super important to manage those files well. Come along with us as we decode iOS file management. We'll look at the best file manager for iPhone and check out other apps that could change the game. Let's tackle those challenges and find solutions that can level up your digital life.

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iOS File System and Management

The iOS file system bases itself on safety and simplicity. But, this simple model comes with its challenges.

Now, iOS works differently than Android. It uses a sandbox model which keeps app data separate for safety. This gives more privacy, but makes sharing files between apps tough. The closed nature of the system means you can't directly access files. You may have faced the frustration of being unable to set up voicemail on your iPhone in a way that aligns with your workflow

However, the challenges are caused by the built-in iOS Files app, while a commendable effort, falls short in certain aspects. For instance, organizing files across different apps becomes difficult, and the lack of direct access hinders file management. This is crazy, right? You have a powerful device at your fingertips, yet managing files feels like a tangled web due to the following pros and cons.

  • Intuitive interface.
  • iCloud Drive effortlessly connects with seamless cloud storage and synchronization across Apple devices.
  • Provides expansive support for different external storage devices and network servers,
  • The intuitive interface streamlines fundamental file arrangement.
  • Lacks many of the advanced capabilities.
  • It lacks b searching and organizing abilities, possibly influencing your capability to handle files effectively.
  • Lacks Wi-Fi sharing or web downloading options.

While using the Files app may seem straightforward, taking a closer look reveals details that differentiate it from other file managers. Exploring its tools further provides perspectives to refine your process. Ready to discover the ins and outs of Files? Follow along as we take a tour inside.

9 Third-Party iOS File Managers

1.Coolmuster iOS Assistant

coolmuster ios assistant

Simplify how you handle data on your iOS devices with Coolmuster iOS Assistant. With an easy-to-use design compatible with both Mac and Windows, it is a user-friendly tool packed with power. Take note though that it focuses solely on iOS, leaving those with Android devices out of luck.

  • One-click data management for all iOS devices.
  • Backup and restore features keep iPad/iPod/iPhone data safe.
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface.
  • Works on both Mac and Windows systems.
  • Only works with iOS.

2.Documents - File Reader


Take your file organization to the next level with Documents. This iPhone app really gets into the details of your device, sorting files effortlessly. It offers transferring through WebDAV and Cloud storage, making your files available anywhere. A smart file identification system puts security as a top focus. Direct editing of text files adds flexibility, though it does use more battery power than some other options.

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  • Powerful file recognition algorithm for enhanced security.
  • Direct textual file editing capabilities.
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Higher battery consumption

3.Microsoft OneDrive

one drive

OneDrive makes iPhone file handling even better with a dependable spare framework. Its cross-stage similarity permits simple joining across Android, iPhone, and Windows. Though synchronization may sometimes be gradual, its secure document sharing alternatives balance that out.

  • Artificial intelligence for speedy file finding.
  • All-round encryption for safe file keeping.
  • Compatibility with multiple platforms (Android, iOS, Windows).
  • Robust file-sharing.
  • Sometimes files sync slowly.
  • Capped free storage, at 5 GB (though can be boosted up to 1TB).

4.FE File Explorer

FE File Explorer

Finding your way through the iOS file system is straightforward with FE File Explorer, one of the best file explorers for iOS. Supporting different file types and encodings, it's your one-stop shop for flexible file management. Though the customizable interface streamlines browsing, take care when moving huge files since transfer speeds may lag.

  • Can work with varied file formats and encoding.
  • Features an in-app media player for sound and video.
  • Allows file access from FTP, SFTP, and WebDAV servers.
  • Offers an adjustable UI for easy use.
  • Big file transfers can take a bit long.



Welcome to easy file handling with Dropbox, a powerful iPhone file manager. Compatible across different devices, it's a useful tool. Though, remember that the paid membership options are somewhat costlier.

  • Safely shares files with many cloud services.
  • Take peeks at files and docs within the app itself.
  • Works on a lot of platforms (like Windows, MacOS, etc.).
  • The paid plans could cost you a bit more.

6.Documents by Readdle

document by readdle

Readdle's Documents app brings a refreshing change to iOS file management. It offers a wide range of features for free, giving you more control over their documents. Documents gives you everything you need to easily access, organize and share your files.

  • An iOS file manager that doesn't cost a dime but has a broad range of tools.
  • Offers access to varied multimedia, such as eBooks, tunes, and clips.
  • Compatible with cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Premium version may feel a bit hefty on the wallet.

7.Apple's File App


Apple's Files app, evolving since iOS 11, aims to be your one-stop shop for organizing all your cloud documents and the best file manager for iPhone. Rather than having separate apps for each service, Files brings everything together in one centralized place. You can browse through your documents, pictures, and other file types using intuitive filters.

  • Manage files from various cloud platforms.
  • Develop safe, shareable folders for working together.
  • Preview docs in the original layout.
  • Simple-to-use interface.
  • Currently, no options for Wi-Fi transfer or web downloads.
  • Could benefit from enhancing search features.

8.File Master

file master

If ease of use is most important to you, File Master excels with its clearly laid out folder structure and simple file organization.

  • Makes organizing files and creating folders simple.
  • See media and papers without quitting the app.
  • Has Touch ID shield and protected PIN for extra safety.
  • Shifting files to or from the device might be slow.


manage files with mobiletrans

MobileTrans fills in the gaps both built-in and external file managers leave. If you find the Files app too basic, and other options not working well with different devices or systems, MobileTrans might just be the answer.

With MobileTrans, handling files becomes a breeze, shifting data securely is made comfortable, and you get an easily navigable design that makes tricky data jobs simpler with the following advantages.

Wondershare MobileTrans

Your Ultimate File Manager - MobileTrans!hot

  • • Cross-platform: It mingles smoothly with your unique digital surroundings. Given the restrictions of the iOS Files app and other file management tools, it's vital to seek out other options that deliver all-encompassing answers. It goes extra steps compared to the basic files app.
  • • Support various data: Whether you're hopping from one gadget to another or looking for dependable file management, MobileTrans shines as the go-to pick.
  • • Versatility: Not just about arranging files, MobileTrans also excels in moving data swiftly, backing it up, and restoring when needed.

4,085,556 people have downloaded it
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

How to Use the Ultimate iOS File Manager

Just try the steps below, you'll discover a smooth transfer of your iPhone, no matter from/to iPhone or Android. Besides, you can find the Backup and Restore feature with the desktop version.Try it Free!

  1. Download and install the MobileTrans app on both devices. Confirm which device is “New” and which is “Old”.
  2. First, install and launch MobileTrans application. Tab the “File Transfer” button and choose the files to send or to receive.
    wondershare mobiletrans file transfer
  3. Then tap the Send button to get a QR code. Scan the QR code with your receiver to connect two devices.
    mobiletrans scan QR code
  4. Choose the data you wish to transfer and accept to receive on your receiver. The files transfer immediately.
  5. Seconds later, you will get the "Completed" result on the screen. You can also continue transferring files from the receiver.
    mobiletrans transfer completed

And that's all there is to it! With a few taps, you can complete wireless transfers between any mix of devices with MobileTrans. There are no complicated settings to mess with.


Handling files on iOS can be tough. Yet, with the right tool, you can easily sort and reach your files. Apple's Files app isn't bad, but other iOS file manager like Coolmuster iOS Assistant, Documents, OneDrive, FE File Explorer, Dropbox, and MobileTrans can offer more. They all have good and bad sides, so which iOS file manager you pick needs to fit your needs. MobileTrans shines as a top choice. It Image names iOS and Android, offering a simple, full experience. Kiss your file handling problems goodbye and welcome an easier digital world!

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Jan 05, 24
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