Surprisingly, iPhone 15 with USB-C is coming soon. Because Apple will finally drop lightning and adopt USB-C port. Why would Apple make such a major decision? And how about iPhone fans’ reactions? In this article, we’ll discuss the reasons and impacts of Apple's decision on USB-C in iPhone 15 series.

It's no longer news. But you may ask why. Well, you can thank the EU Commission for this, and we'll get right into that. The lightning connector has come a long way since it debuted with the iPhone 5 in September 2012. It replaced the 30-pin dock in earlier iPhone models. But like every good thing, this one has come to an end.

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Why Is Apple Dropping the Lightning for USB-C?

There could be many reasons for Apple to change to the USB-C port. But did they have a choice? On June 7, 2022, the European Union Commission agreed on a universal charging port for all smartphones within the EU region.

Hence, all smartphone devices will now have a USB-C port within the EU. They confirmed the new law on December 27, 2022, and mandated all companies to comply by December 28, 2024.

iphone 15 usb-c port

So, Apple could still have continued with the lightning cable despite this, at least for another year. But from a logistical standpoint, it makes sense to change it now.

Apple initially protested the decision, arguing that the law promotes environmental waste & discourages innovation. Policymakers In the United States have backed the EU’s decision. And US Senator Elizabeth Warren also voiced her support in a tweet.

tweet supporting usb-c mandate

Anyway, Apple will comply with the regulations. But there is a new twist. There have been rumors that Apple will limit the USB-C charging speeds to only cables they certify via the Made For iPhone program. The European Union has warned against this. Thierry Breton, the EU Industry Commissioner, stated that it would be unacceptable to restrict the interaction with chargers.

While many users are happy to have the USB-C, others have stated that they do not care. The reason is simple. Apple introduced the MagSafe charging that built on the success of the Qi. Hence, for such users, they can continue wireless charging. But then again, why did the European Union make this decision?

Why Did the EU Make the New Rule?

For the EU, the main goal is to ease the charging experience for users. That means “consumers will no longer need a different charger when they buy a new device.”, reported by an European Parliament Press. The EU release also states that e-waste from unused chargers has been rising. By using the same common USB-C charging port, it will probably reduce over 11.000 tons of e-waste per year. The mandate covers three critical areas.

  • A single charger for all mobile devices and tablets
  • USB Type-C port to become the new standard for all portable devices
  • Buyers can buy a new device either with or without a charging device

The European Union has made the bold decision. Hopefully, it will benefit smartphone users.

How Will iPhone Users Benefit from USB-C?

So, what changes with the USB-C in the iPhone 15?

The first benefit for users is the convenience of use. You can charge all your Apple devices with a single cable. But that’s not all. Most other smartphones in the Android ecosystem already use the USB-C port. So, iPhone users will use the same charging cords as Android phones. Before now, this was impossible. That aside, the USB-C on iPhone 15 will make it easy to connect the iPhone to a monitor or projector.

The second benefit is the faster transferring speed. The Apple expects to increase charging and data-transfer speeds on the iPhone 15 Pro to take advantage of the new USB-C port. Current transfer rates are incredibly slow at just 480Mbps due to Lightning’s USB 2.0 limitations. The USB-C port will enable Apple to support Thunderbolt with speeds up to 40Gbps.

However, the problem is that these improvements will not be available to all iPhone 15 series. As expected, users and commentators are reacting to this rumor in different ways.

iPhone Users’ Thoughts about USB-C and Lightning

Many iPhone users already look forward to the USB-C port and chargers in the iPhone 15. They have taken to social media to express their views on the iPhone 15 and USB-C rumors.

In this Reddit thread, Reddit user @/Illegal-Plant asks for 3 reasons why people care so much about the USB-C. In his words, “It's a cable, lightning charges perfectly fine, I am open to changing my view but I don't see why a lot of people say - this is what's going to get me to upgrade"

@/mike84edwards replies "Most devices now use usb-c, why have something different for the iPhone? It’s just annoying"

User @/NDLWLT also replies, stating his 3 reasons as “1.speed 2.less cables to carry, 3.speed

people care about usb-c

It's not all good news with the USB-C development. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the entry iPhone 15 and the Plus series will have USB 2.0 ports, while the iPhone 15 Pro will have USB 3.2 ports. Another rumor from 941 also confirms that only the iPhone Pro models will support Thunderbolt cables that offer up to 40Gbps.

That is bad news for users that shoot 4K videos because lightning is slower than USB-C and Thunderbolt. As expected, users are reacting to these stories.

This development has not gone down well with some iPhone enthusiasts and users. The user @/lacklahunt on Reddit states as follows, “That’s ridiculous. They should at least make it USB 3 on the base model, and Thunderbolt/USB 4 on the Pros.”

iphone enthusiasts and users’ speech

And for some users, they do not care. In this discussion thread, reddit user @/portatort states that “As long as any old cable will let me charge, then I just don’t care. Yeah it’s bullshit, classic apple always needing to be in control. But I’m having a hard time giving a shit. This whole usb-c on the iPhone news cycle only proves to me that there’s nothing left to be excited about with iPhone hardware.”

users do not care usb-c

Dealing With the USB-C Charging and Transferring Speed

If the rumors are anything to go by, only those that buy the iPhone 15 Pro series will enjoy faster charging or data transfer speed. Transferring piles of music playlists must be a tough task for music lovers.

If you have such a nightmare when you plan to buy the regular iPhone 15 series, there's a solution. The MobileTrans software offer will offer you a fast, secure, and one-click solution to transfer data.

iphone 15 usb-c charging

Using MobileTrans playlist transfer, you can transfer your music playlists between various online streaming services. It is easy to operate. And it supports Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and more. The best part? You can try it FREE. Here are the steps to transfer your music using MobileTrans.

Step 1. Download MobileTrans, then launch the app on your computer. Once it comes up, go to More to find Playlist Transfer.

launch the app and select playlist transfer

Step 2: Ensure you have completed the first step. Next, choose and sign into the source (service from which you want to transfer your playlist) and the destination (service you wish to transfer to).

authorize your login to playlist transfer

Step 3: You may select the playlist you want to transfer. Once done, click on Start to begin the process. And within minutes, you have successfully transferred your playlist.

complete your playlist transfer

As the iPhone 15 hits the market, users will worry about Apple restricting data transfer speed for the base 15 series. The MobileTrans app takes care of that. Good news. You can now transition from lightning to USB-C with no worries.

Final Words

After 11 years of service, Apple will ditch the lightning cable in favor of the USB-C. It is safe to say that new EU laws have contributed to this. It is good news for most users because USB-C will ease charging and data transfer. Yet, if Apple restricts the charging and data transfer speed for the base iPhone 15 models, that could prove a headache for users. But whichever way you look at it, the EU has played a pivotal role. The iPhone 15 will get the USB-C, and users will benefit long term.


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