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Samsung Notes is an effective solution for creating personal and official notes, memos, and recordings. However, the app isn’t available for MacIntosh computers like your MacBook and MacBook Pro. So, how do you download Samsung Notes on a Mac? and can you use Samsung Notes on a Mac computer?

If you are also puzzled by these questions, then you are in luck because this guide reveals how to download and install Samsung Notes on Mac, including how to send and synchronize Samsung Notes from a phone or tablet to a Mac computer by yourself.

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Can You Use Samsung Notes on Mac

Yes, you can use Samsung Notes on Mac but not directly. Since Samsung Notes is an app custom-designed for Samsung devices like your Samsung smartphones and computers, the app isn’t available on the Apple Store. As such you can’t download Samsung Notes directly on your MacBook.

To use Samsung Notes on Mac, you have to use a proxy app such as Microsoft OneNote to grant access to your Notes and enjoy Samsung Note on your Mac computer.

How to Access Samsung Notes on Mac

Microsoft OneNote is also a note-taking app but it allows you to access your notes on some other note-taking apps like Samsung Note and Windows Sticky Notes. Using this feature on OneNote, you can sign in to your Samsung account on your MacBook and access your Notes via Microsoft Outlook and OneNote web or desktop versions.

Since Microsoft OneNote is not designed by Apple, it may not come pre-installed on your Mac, but you can find and download the app from your App Store.

Here is how to access Samsung Notes on Mac via Microsoft OneNote:

  • Open Samsung Notes on your Samsung device. Click Menu (the three-bar icon at the corner of the screen) and tap on the Gear (Settings) icon.
    samsung notes on samsung phone
  • Click the option to Sync Samsung Notes to Microsoft OneNote and tap on Get Started.
    how to sync samsung notes to microsoft onenote
  • Next, select the Samsung Note Folders you want to sync to OneNote. Tap on the switch in front of the folders to select which to sync.
  • Click Done. Your Samsung notes should automatically sync to your OneNote account within a few hours. However, if you want the notes to sync immediately, you can tap Sync Now.
    how to sync now samsung notes to onenote
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Note: Ensure Wi-Fi is enabled and connected on both devices to ensure your notes sync.

Now that your Samsung Notes have been synced to your OneNote account, there are two ways to view the notes on your Mac computer.

How to View Samsung Notes on Mac via OneNote:

  • To access your Samsung Notes on Mac, open the Microsoft OneNote app and sign in to your Samsung account. You can also go through the OneNote website.
  • Click on a Notebook to open the file.
    how to view samsung notes on mac
  • Once opened, click on Feed in the taskbar at the top right corner of the screen. OneNote will display all your notes including your Samsung Notes.
    microsoft onenote feed
  • Next, select the Funnel icon at the top of the screen and click on Samsung Notes to have only your Samsung Notes displayed. Click to open any of your notes.
    how to view samsung notes in microsoft onenote feed

How to View Samsung Notes on Mac via Microsoft Outlook:

  • Go to the Microsoft Outlook website and sign in to your Microsoft account. You can also go through the Outlook desktop version.
  • Click the OneNote Feed icon in the taskbar at the top of the screen to access Feed.
    microsoft onenote feed icon via outlook
  • You’ll see all your synced notes from all your note-taking apps in the display window including your Samsung Notes.
    how to view samsung notes on mac via outlook
  • Click the Funnel icon at the top of the screen and tap on Samsung Notes to view only notes from your Samsung device.
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Tip: While you can view Samsung Notes on your Mac via OneNote, you can’t edit, change, or create new notes via the OneNote feed. Also, you can’t delete any Samsung Notes from the library via OneNote. You can only view and hide notes.

If you want to create or edit notes via your Mac, you should use Windows Sticky Notes.

Back Up and View Samsung Notes on Mac

It’s one thing to access and use Samsung Notes on your MacBook but it’s another thing to keep your notes safe from unauthorized access. Did you know that the best way to view Samsung Notes on Mac is via a backup archive on your computer?

When you back up your Samsung Notes to your MacBook, you can easily view and even edit the notes on your computer whenever you want without having to sign in to create a new account. What’s more? Backing up your Samsung Notes on Mac also keeps your notes protected from hackers and permanent deletion. Should you accidentally delete or erase your notes, you can always get the notes back from the backup archive on your Mac.

Would you like to back up your Samsung notes on your Mac? Then try the Wondershare MobileTrans - Backup & Restore tool.

Wondershare MobileTrans is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to back up numerous types of files and data from your mobile phone to your computer in just 3 steps. With MobileTrans, you can back up Samsung Notes to PC, WhatsApp data, photos, videos, and other important documents.

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Back Up Samsung Notes to Computer Easily

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Download and Install MobileTrans Backup & Restore on your computer and follow the steps below:

  • Launch MobileTrans on your Mac and connect your Samsung phone to the computer via a USB cable.
  • Select the Backup & Restore mode. Click Backup under Phone Backup & Restore and select the notes you wish to back up to your Mac.
    how to back up samsung notes to pc via mobiletrans
  • Click Start at the bottom of the screen and wait for the backup process to be completed.
    click start to back up samsung notes to pc

Once the backup is complete, MobileTrans will notify you and you can encrypt your backup folder using a custom password. Without this password, no one can access your notes or restore your Samsung data from MobileTrans backup.

Final Words

In summary, it’s possible to use and sync Samsung Notes to Mac. While the app isn’t pre-installed on your MacBook or available in the App Store, you can use proxy note-taking apps like OneNote to view Samsung Notes on your MacBook. However, you have to sign in to the same Microsoft and Samsung account on both devices to use this feature.

That said, the easiest way to access Samsung Notes on Mac is via a backup folder where you can view, edit, and restore the notes should you lose or accidentally delete them in the future. Follow the backup process revealed in this article to back up your Samsung Notes to Mac.

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  • Why is Samsung Notes not syncing to my MacBook?
    There are different possible reasons for this. If you are not signed in to the same Microsoft and Samsung accounts on both devices, your notes won’t sync. Also, check that Wi-Fi is enabled and connected since syncing occurs online. That said, you should know syncing takes some time and even if you press Sync Now, your notes may take up to an hour to sync completely depending on internet speed and other factors.
  • How to transfer Samsung Notes to Mac?
    You can transfer your Samsung notes to your MacBook via USB, email, Bluetooth, instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp, or third-party tools like MobileTrans. You can also sync and download the notes via cloud storage platforms like Google Drive and Samsung Cloud.
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