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Samsung recently announced that its new Artificial Intelligence system, Galaxy AI, will be integrated into smartphones from early next year.

Samsung described the new Samsung Galaxy AI as its “most comprehensive intelligence offering to date” and says the new Samsung Galaxy AI system will feature an AI-powered translation feature, called “AI Live Translate.” This feature can translate texts and calls in real time, improving communication like we have never seen before.

Ever since this announcement, everyone has been anticipating the release of the new Samsung artificial intelligence system. Tech enthusiasts wonder how it will improve the overall performance of Samsung S24, its new flagship phone also set to be released in early 2024.

samsung s24 series might implement the new ai system

For fans of Samsung Electronics, 2024 couldn’t come any sooner, but what can we expect from the new Samsung Galaxy AI?

This guide reveals all we know so far about Samsung’s new Artificial Intelligence system, including its generative AI model: Gauss. You’ll also see how the new Galaxy AI will improve the overall performance and experience of Samsung’s new smartphones like the S24 series.

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What Is Samsung Galaxy AI? New Samsung AI Explained!

Galaxy AI is Samsung’s new Artificial Intelligence System designed to offer users a comprehensive and mobile AI experience. The system will include an onboard AI developed by Samsung and a cloud-based AI collaboration with like-minded industry leaders.

According to the head of research and development for Samsung, Wonjoon Choi, “Galaxy AI will change how we think about our phones forever.”

The standout feature of the new Galaxy AI is the Live Translate Call, which gives every user a personal translator whenever they need it. The Live Translate Call is integrated into the smartphone’s call feature and allows you to communicate in real time with someone who speaks a different language from yours.

According to Samsung, the Live Translate Call feature will remove the hassle of having to use third-party translating apps.

new samsung galaxy ai with live translate call feature

Some leaks about the Galaxy AI claim the new AI system will allow crystal clear 8k viewing on Samsung smartphones and improved cloud-based storage service.

While these claims can’t be verified yet, one thing is sure above all else - The Galaxy AI will usher in a new world of possibilities ranging from barrier-free communication to simplified productivity and unconstrained creativity.

How Will the Samsung Galaxy AI Improve the Performance of Samsung Phones?

While Samsung hasn’t confirmed openly that the Galaxy S24 will incorporate the new Galaxy AI, rumors and leaks point towards this possibility since the S24 is set to be Samsung’s new flagship device for the new year.

With the new Galaxy AI and Samsung S24 series set to be released around the same time, one may start to wonder how the new AI system will improve the overall functioning and experience of the S24 series.

samsung s24 and samsung ai might be released at the same time

Samsung Galaxy S24 AI Live Translate Call

For starters, the Samsung Galaxy S24 will have the new AI Live Translate Call feature.

Since this is the standout feature of the Galaxy AI, it will also come with the S24, allowing users to call and text in real time with people that speak a different language anywhere in the world. This feature will be integrated into the S24 native call app.

samsung ai feature will be built in the call app to allow users to talk to people with different lagnauges

Samsung Galaxy AI Will Improve Samsung VUI on The S24 Series

We can also expect the new AI to improve the Voice User Interface experience on the S24 smartphone. Samsung’s VUI is a speech recognition technology that allows users to interact with their smartphones and pass commands through speech.

With the Galaxy AI integrated into the new S24 series, it is expected that users will be able to pass a wider range of commands to their smartphones, including data processing and file organization.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Will Feature Gauss: Samsung AI Generative Language Model

As the generative language model of the new Samsung Galaxy AI, Gauss will also improve working and communication efficiency on the S24 series.

Gauss can help users to complete such tasks as composing emails, translating texts, and summarizing documents. This feature will make the S24 ultra a must-have for remote workers. Gauss will also improve imaging and coding functions on the S24 series.

the language model gauss of samsung ai can improve work and communication efficiency

Samsung Galaxy AI Will Improve Cloud-Based Services on the Samsung S24 Series

We can also expect an overall improved experience using Samsung’s cloud-based services on the S24 smartphone, since the new Galaxy AI is powered by a cloud-based AI collaboration.

Already, we can see the influence of AI in Google’s cloud-based services on the newly-released Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 pro. The Samsung S24 is expected to have even more impressive cloud-based features thanks to the new Samsung AI system.

Will Sam AI Assistant Represent the Samsung Galaxy AI?

Samsung Sam are 3D-generated physical representations of a virtual assistant. Sam is short for Samantha, a fun-looking woman with blue eyes and a bob haircut, who is an expert at using Samsung products.

samsung sam the virtual assistant to help samsung users

(Credit: Renders by Lightfarm Studios)

The 3D-generated images were created by a Brazilian design company,Light Farm, in collaboration with a Samsung-owned marketing company, Cheil.

It is the eye-catching look of Sam virtual assistant that attracted its popularity in 2021. Many people believed Sam was going to be the face of Bixby.

However, Samsung never acknowledged the existence of Sam or used the 3D images in any commercial. It didn’t represent Bixby and would most likely not represent the Samsung Galaxy AI either.

Will All Samsung Phones Have the New Samsung AI Feature?

Samsung hasn’t released a list of smartphones and mobile devices that will have the new Galaxy AI. However, it is expected that all Samsung smartphones that will be released in early 2024 will be integrated with the new Samsung Artificial Intelligence, starting with the Galaxy S24 and subsequent series.

It is not yet confirmed whether older Samsung phone models up to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and S23 models will have the new Galaxy AI. We don’t expect these devices to incorporate Samsung AI since the it is a new feature set to be released in 2024. Whether the Samsung Galaxy AI can be downloaded via a system upgrade is also subject to rumors at the moment.

What does this mean for Samsung mobile phones moving forward? With the Galaxy AI and Gauss, Samsung becomes one of the first smartphone companies to integrate generative AI into its mobile phones, even ahead of Apple.

The new AI feature will no doubt improve the overall functioning of Samsung devices moving forward. Live Translate Call is already a mouthwatering feature many people are looking forward to. So, we might see a lot of people transition to the Samsung bandwagon in 2024.

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In summary, Samsung’s new Galaxy AI is a comprehensive artificial intelligent system that is set to change the way we think about our mobile devices. It will extend reach and communication and eliminate the need to use third-party apps to translate voice messages and texts thanks to its Live Translate feature and Gauss Language software.

The Samsung S24 series is set to be the first Samsung smartphone to have the new Galaxy AI in 2024. Galaxy AI will improve the overall experience of the S24 and place the mobile device as a strong contender for the smartphone of the year title.


  • Will Galaxy AI replace Bixby?
    The new Galaxy AI will surely overperform Bixby, but it’s up to Samsung to decide if they want to discontinue Bixby or not. However, with the recent leaks about a Voice User Interface on the Galaxy AI, there might be no need for another VUI, especially one that is underperforming like Bixby is. So, we might see Galaxy AI replace Bixby in 2024.
  • When Can You Use Samsung AI?
    Galaxy AI will probably be released in 2024 and come with Samsung smartphones starting next year. The first smartphone we are expecting from Samsung next year is the Galaxy S24. And the latest rumors suggest the S24 will also released as early as January 2024. So, users can probably use Samsung AI in the first several months in 2024.
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Rafael Kaminski Jun 07, 24
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