Is your iPad acting up, stubborn issues taking over, or an Apple ID password lost in the recesses of memory? Struggling with the complex task of wiping your iPad, particularly when the Apple ID password is forgotten and patience is wearing thin? We feel your frustration and urgency at the moment.

In today's society, strongly tied to technology gadgets, resetting an iPad without the Apple ID password is more than just an ordinary fix. It's a vital step to regain authority, a tool for lost passwords, a fix to prepare a device for resale, or a clean slate for your tech companion.

Here, we dive into how to reset your iPad to factory settings without the Apple ID password and you’ll learn the practical fixes and detailed guides.

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Why Factory Reset an iPad Without Apple ID Password?

Here's a peek into some usual reasons that may push you towards factory resetting your dependable iPad.

  • Can't Recall Your Apple ID Password.
  • Bought a Used iPad with an Unknown Apple ID.
  • Reselling or Giving Away the iPad: Say goodbye to your iPad only after a factory reset. This step lets the next person starts fresh, without remnants of your digital history. So, be careful about how to factory reset iPad without Apple ID password, as backups are crucial.
  • Troubleshooting Persistent Issues: If your iPad has constant issues, like a puzzle of glitches and lags, a factory reset might be the fix you seek. It provides a fresh start, fixing software troubles and bringing back top-notch performance.

In the following sections, we'll tackle these issues. Remember, each reset is a personalized mission based on your specific needs.

Reset Your iPad Without Apple ID Password with iTunes

Let's get right into the nuts and bolts. It's totally possible to factory reset your iPad without an Apple ID password. A fail-safe way? Using iTunes. Here's a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Connect the iPad to the computer via USB.

Step 2: Launch iTunes and select the iPad.

launch itunes

Is that USB hook-up good? Open the iTunes software on your computer. As soon as the program starts, it'll recognize your iPad. Your iPad'll show up on the device list.

Step 3: Enter the Passcode and Hit "Restore iPad"

ipad passcode

Prior to beginning the restoration process, iTunes asks for your iPad's passcode. With successful validation, the route to refurbishment becomes apparent. Click the "Restore iPad" button, effectively telling iTunes you're set to start afresh.

Reset iPad without Apple ID with iCloud

Resetting your iPad via iCloud comes in handy, particularly when there's no computer around. Follow these procedures for a smooth reset.

Step 1: Access iCloud website and select "Find My" option.

choose icloud find

Start with a journey to the iCloud webpage. From there, pick out the 'Find My' feature. This will lead you to iPad controls.

Step 2: Choose the iPad from "All Devices".

icloud find all devices

Find and select your iPad to ensure the reset order goes to the right item.

Step 3: Click "Erase iPad" and confirm the action.

Erase iPad

Press 'Erase iPad.' Confirm your choice, and iCloud springs into action, initiating the reset procedure. Actually, that’s how to erase iPad without Apple ID.

Reset an iPad without a PC or Apple ID Password

Here's a hassle-free way on how to reset iPad without password or computer.

Step 1: Open iPad's Settings.

iPad settings

Step 2: Head to General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

general reset erases all content

Now, touch on Reset. Then, go for Erase All Content and Settings. Think of this as your reset button. Next, your iPad will ask for your passcode. It's a security step. After this, your iPad will start its journey back to factory settings.

Data Backup During Factory Resetting Password

Be sure to back up your data before resetting your Apple ID password. Why? Without backup, you could unintentionally lose everything. This is especially vital if you've forgotten your password, are getting a new iPad, or giving your current one away. For this, you'll need a helping software.

Luckily, MobileTrans' 'Backup and Restore' feature comes in handy. It presents a smooth and safeguarded way to keep your iPad's digital assets safe.

Wondershare MobileTrans

Safeguard Your Data Before Factory Reset!

  • • No data loss. No data leaks.
  • • Backup 18+ types of data to computer including photos, messages, contacts.
  • • Supports 6000+ mobile devices running iOS and Android system.
  • • Backup WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Kik, Viber, WeChat and LINE data.
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Here's a detailed guide to walk you through it.

Step 1: Launch MobileTrans and choose Backup & Restore.

mobiletrans backup & restore

Start by launching MobileTrans and pick the "Backup & Restore" section from the intro screen.

Step 2: Connect your iPad and select data.

mobiletrans select data to backup

Connect your iPad to your PC using a cable.Your iPad will be automatically recognized by MobileTrans, showing a thumbnail. Then select the data types you'd like to save from the provided list, then hit "Start".

Step 3: Finish the Backup

mobiletrans backup completed

Hang tight! MobileTrans is carefully making a hard copy of your iPad data. You'll know it's done when you see a message pop up. Then, you can take your iPad off of your computer, knowing its info is stowed away safely and sound.

You did a great job! Simply by doing these steps, you secure your important data. And this paves the path for a stress-free total erase. With MobileTrans, your digital life stays easy. Plus, there are a bunch of backup copies so you don't get any overwrites.

Wrap Up

Finally, resetting your iPad without an Apple ID might seem like a big puzzle but it's a journey worth taking. We've guided you through simple steps, whether through iTunes, iCloud, or without a computer. Just don't forget about data safety with MobileTrans. You can keep all your photos, songs, and more safe while you reset. Go on, try it, use these easy steps, and take back control of your iPad!

Navkiran Dhaliwal
Navkiran Dhaliwal Jan 05, 24
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