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Comprehensive Review: The 10 Best AI Apps for iPhone

Navkiran Dhaliwal
Navkiran Dhaliwal Originally published Dec 18, 23, updated Jun 07, 24

AI apps for the iPhone make iPhone users’ lives much easier than before. Whether they are for a career or just our regular life.

This is why these AI apps have gained a lot of popularity due to their user-friendliness. Reports have it that AI could put approximately 400 million individuals out of work, which hints that AI will dominate future phone and tech trends globally.

According to the Next Move Strategy, the artificial intelligence (AI) sector is expected to grow significantly over the next ten years. As a result, lots of AI applications are being developed that improve and simplify our regular tasks!

In this article, I'll go over the best 10 AI apps for iPhone. If you're interested in giving them a try, make sure to read through to the conclusion to learn about the features and pricing of each app.

In this article

Part 1: What Is an AI App?

AI (artificial intelligence) apps are essentially those that are made to perform tasks similar to those of a human faster and more effectively. Artificial intelligence (AI) applications are cutting-edge technologies that mimic human intellect using real-time data and are controlled by a set of algorithms, computers, or robots.

These applications have integrated many other technologies, including natural language processing, speech recognition, machine learning, and expert systems.

How Does an AI App Work?

Artificial intelligence apps can address almost any problem you have by employing algorithms to collect data from the entire web and execute activities that humans can perform—or even perform far better than humans—in.

Well, every program gathers data in its unique way, including what it's built for, how it works, etc.! These AI apps are conditioned to generate only the information that makes the app well-known for.

Also, it has been said that artificial intelligence produces inaccurate information at times, so it is crucial to verify the information it produces.

Part 2: 10 Best AI Apps for iPhone - Key Features & Pricing

AI Apps For iPhone Key Features
1.UPDF AI It summarizes, translates, and explains PDF, chats, writes, rewrites, and OCR features.
2. Chat GPT Human-like replies in real-time based on user input; can write stories, essays, and poems; and can answer questions in a friendly, conversational way.
3. Character AI Personalize your avatars and their stories by deciding on their names and personality traits. Creating creative text formats: the characters you created can create creative types of text like songs, stories, emails, notes, and more.
4. Bing AI Image This software uses artificial intelligence to create images based on your inputs. It can create images that inspire your creativity.
6. Replika AI Users can interact with a virtual AI companion and express their emotions.
7. Siri Siri, Apple's artificially intelligent assistant, completes tasks and provides answers to users' inquiries while adjusting to each user's preferred language.
8. Elsa Supports many languages and has a trained robot that you can use to practice speaking other languages.
9. Google Assistant Personal helper for searching for information and interacting with smart homes, providing real-time traffic updates.
10. Rizz A dating app that assists you in crafting catchy and compelling texts to initiate conversation with your crush.
updf ai allows you to summarizes documents for higher efficiency

The UPDF AI program is a well-known PDF editing AI iPhone app for both business-related and personal use; with just a correct prompt, UPDF AI can produce text that matches your specifications.

It is a simple program to use on a variety of devices, including iOS, Mac, and Android.

There are two options available in the UPDF AI iOS app: "Ask PDF" and "Chat."

          • Ask PDF:

You can ask any question you want regarding the PDF file in the Ask PDF mode from intricate data charts and more than 100 pages, the PDF can still provide quick, in-depth summaries and provide accurate answers to your questions.

          • Chat:

The chat mode is quite similar to ChatGPT as it lets you ask any question outside of the PDF.

    Key Features:
    • It summarizes lengthy documents and translates difficult words, phrases, and text into several languages.
    • UPDF allows you to enable image-only mode on PDFs to prevent unnecessary changes. With ease, you can extract PDF pages, separate, rotate, rearrange, replace, and remove them, or add new ones as well.
    • It allows you to share your PDFs via a URL online.
    • The user interface is straightforward to use, and OCR is quick to operate. You can interact with AI to inquire about any details of the PDF file.


          • Free Trial $0.
          • Yearly Plan $25.9/ Year.
          • Perpetual Plan $43.99/ Perpetual.

    chatgpt offers instant answers to questions and allows you to access chat history

    OpenAI iOS app recently launched the official ChatGPT app for all Apple users, which is an artificial intelligence app for iPhone; it is compatible with all iOS devices.

    Also, this app is totally free, can sync your data across devices, and gives you the newest OpenAI model updates.

    On top of that, it has Whisper built in, an open-source speech recognition application that allows you to give voice commands.

    If you're looking for even more premium features, quicker turnaround times, and exclusive access to GPT-4's iOS capabilities, then you can get a ChatGPT Plus subscription for $20.

      Key Features:
      • ChatGPT app for iOS has a voice Input option, which saves your time from typing, also, you can change your preferred language for speech whenever you want.
      • The app is more straightforward to use than the web version. With just one touch, you can jump straight to the chat box.
      • It allows you to access chat history even when offline and provides you with an Immediate response to your queries.


          • ChatGPT free (Unlimited).
          • ChatGPT Plus $ 20/month.
        • Character AI enables you to chat with famous people

      The Character AI is an artificial intelligence app for iPhone and Android.

      It offers a number of features, including the ability to make your own characters, give them the language to communicate with you, and engage in deep conversation with them.

      The fun feature is that you can have a conversation with famous people like Elon Musk, Edward Cullen from the Twilight books, or even Taylor Swift—well, they won't be real people, obviously, but you'll still have a great time chatting with an AI that plays up to be them.

        Key Features:
        • You can initiate one-on-one conversations with a character or set up group chats with several characters to talk with each other like friends.
        • With the use of a neural language model, it can read a great deal of text and use that data to respond to user input.
        • It's an excellent AI tool for learning a new language; you may use it as a translator to get better in English, to increase the vocabulary in your native tongue, or to study any language of your choice, such as German, Japanese, Korean, or French.


            • Free Plan $0 (Limited Features).
            • C.a+ $9.99/ per month.
            • C.a+ $120/ year.
          • Bing AI Image
        bing ai image can generate ai based images for you

        Bing AI Image is an iOS and Android AI tool that instantly turns your ideas into images. Simply provide the right prompts to it to understand your thoughts, and it will generate a visual representation of your thoughts within a minute.

        The Bing AI Image app is free, but it uses credit. These credits are labelled "boost" to speed up image loading.

        When your boosters finish, Bing Image Creator will still create an image for you, but it may take longer than a minute. Users can get five boosts by using Microsoft Edge, reading Microsoft blogs, taking Microsoft quizzes, and other activities to earn free Microsoft Reward Points.

          Key Features:
          • Try different keyword combos, like "digital art," "photorealistic," "3D render," "detailed sketch," and others.
          • You can get real-time results in Bing AI Image.
          • With just a few clicks and a text prompt, you can generate images of your choice and download them; the app’s interface is simple to use.
          • Every user receives 25 boosts at first, which are renewed every week.


              • Free of cost (All that's required to get started with this AI image generator is a free Microsoft account).
            • Youper
          youper is an app that can help you with mental health issues

          Youper is an artificial intelligence application that everyone needs; it's there to lend an ear and comfort when conditions become rough.

          Whether that's dealing with mental health issues or just going through a bad patch in general, this AI app is the place to go if you need therapy and advice about your situation.

          With the help of this software, we can interact with a conversational chatbot that listens to us and gives us advice just like a real person would!

            Key Features:
            • This can monitor changes in your mood throughout the day.
            • Youper offers ideas for calming exercises that you can use to relax in any circumstance.
            • It also develops personalised therapy plans for each person based on their particular situation.
            • This AI program is always available for users to interact with, helping them manage stress, become more self-aware, and feel better.


                • Medication schedule for $24/ weekly.
                • A therapy and behaviour coaching plan for $45/ weekly.
                • Counselling, behaviour coaching, and medication plan for $55/ weekly.
              • Replika AI
            replica can act as your friend and discuss your secrets

            Replika is an AI chatbot that acts as a friend and listens to you without passing judgment.

            It is an iOS app that you can use to have a personalized buddy with whom you can discuss your secrets and anxieties, as well as receive advice, just like you would from a real friend.

            Replika's AI adjusts its tone according to the user to provide emotional support in a manner similar to that of a human since it gains knowledge about the user's personality and preferences through ongoing interactions.

              Key Features:
              • Replika enables you to communicate with a virtual friend who shares your vibes and personality types.
              • It is simple to use and has a smooth UI.
              • This app serves as a listener when nobody else feels like understanding you.
              • It also has a feature of voice calls, which gives you a more realistic experience.
              • The replika's AI can adjust its tone to suit the needs of the user.


                  • Replika’s PRO Monthly subscription is $19.99.
                  • Repilka’s PRO Yearly subscription is $49.99.
                  • Replika’s PRO Lifetime subscription is $299.99.
                • Siri
              ios 17 siri will adopt ai based features

              The most well-known software for iOS users is called Siri. I'm sure that everyone has heard of this virtual assistant, which can aid you with tasks like searching for content on YouTube or Google or opening specific apps.

              Siri can complete a list of chores for you, for example, to call a friend or relative; also, you can send a message by using Siri; it is the best free AI app for iPhone and is always available for you to help with your tasks.

                Key Features:
                • Siri is integrated into all iOS devices.
                • It provides options for both male and female voices so that you can choose any voice for your virtual assistant.
                • To ensure that Siri can correctly speak with you, you can select the language that you want.
                • Siri is capable of responding to a wide range of inquiries, including weather updates, any singer names, and even news around the world and sports scores.
                • It can also change settings, find content, make calls and texts, set timers and reminders, and a lot more.


                    • Totally free.
                  • Elsa
                elsa is an ai app that helps you learn english

                The AI program known as "English Language Speech Assistant," or ELSA for short, is excellent for learning or improving your English.

                This program will assist you in pronouncing words and sentences correctly, which will help you improve your English accent.

                On top of that, ELSA tracks your progress in learning the language and points out where you can improve and where you need to put more effort.

                  Key Features:
                  • With ELSA, you can learn more than 1600 common English phrases and vocabulary.
                  • It offers lessons that are adjusted to the user's learning pace and complete progress in learning.
                  • The interface is seamless and easy to use.
                  • Supports multiple languages


                      • Lite (5-50): $103.50/user/year.
                      • Medium (51-100): $100.30/user/year.
                      • Premium (100+): Contact sales.
                    • Google Assistant
                  google assistant is an ai app for daily task management

                  Just looking at the name of the app—"Google Assistant"—explains what it does: it's your virtual assistant. For example, you could ask him to remind you of an important meeting, tell you a joke to make you laugh, or call someone from your contacts.

                  Basically, it's a great tool for day-to-day task management, such as gathering data and giving voice commands to smart home devices. Also, it is a free AI app for iPhone, which makes it easily accessible to everyone.

                    Key Features:
                    • It supports voice search and command execution.
                    • This app is integrated with both third-party apps and Google services.
                    • It provides customised recommendations and replies.
                    • Google Assistant has deep learning algorithms for tailored help and smooth integration with smart home devices.


                        • Free.
                      • Rizz
                    use rizz to improve your social and communication skills

                    The Rizz app is the greatest tool for enhancing your social and communication skills, particularly when it comes to dating.

                    It's not only for making corny pick-up lines to impress your crush—you can use this AI program to create spicy tweets as well.

                    If you're concerned about privacy, though, don't be; the app is safe to use and was made purely to help you improve your conversational abilities. All messages will be encrypted in accordance with the most recent privacy standards, like GDPR!

                      Key Features:
                      • You don't need to constantly move between social and dating platforms because it integrates with them all with ease.
                      • It is the ideal way to break the ice between two strangers.
                      • Rizz understands the natural language easily, so the users can ask questions, provide instructions, and find any details of anything they require more easily.


                          • Free version (Limited features).
                          • Premium version $5.99 / Monthly.
                          • Unlimited access option $7.99.

                      Part 3 [Bonus Tip] Back Up iPhone Data to Computer

                      We have discussed 10 best AI apps for iPhone. Several of them can generate images, texts, or videos based on AI algorithm. These data can become quite important for your work, social communication, or some other aspects of your life.

                      However, saving them on your iPhone might take up a lot of space. Also, as your iPhone is synced to the cloud, it might also be unsafe. Therefore, it’s high time that you consider another data backup tool.

                      We here recommend you a safe and highly-compatible backup solution: Wondershare MobileTrans. You may build a secure backup of your data on your PC and retrieve it from any device, iOS or Android, at any time.

                      It supports more than 6,000 kinds of devices across iOS and Android systems. Also, it can back up over 18 data types, including messages, contacts, photos, videos, and more.

                      So, if you want to save AI-generated data like texts, music, images, or other forms of data, Wondershare MobileTrans - Backup & Restore is the right tool for you.

                      logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent

                      The backup and restoration process only requires a few clicks to begin; the steps needed to create a backup are as follows:

                      Step 1: Download MobileTrans and connect your iPhone to the PC.

                      Step 2: Launch MobileTrans and choose Phone Backup & Restore. Click on Backup under the section of Backup & Restore.

                      choose backup under backup and restore on the dashboard

                      Step 3: Every file type is supported by MobileTrans. Select the file types you wish to back up, then click Start to get started.

                      choose data and click on start to begin the process

                      Step 4: The phone backup procedure will take some time, so don't disconnect it. It will let you know when the process is over.

                      Final Verdict

                      Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly taking over the technology world, and the best thing about iOS users is that they can also be a part of the AI world, as there are so many incredible apps available that are customized for you all based on individual needs.

                      You may select which app to use and for what purpose, as well as discover the world of AI, with the help of the list mentioned above of the best AI applications for iPhone.

                      You can test these applications without worrying about breaking the bank because they are all fairly priced, and some are even free AI apps for iPhones.

                      logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent


                      • 1. Does the iPhone use AI?

                        Yes, iPhones are utilising AI in a variety of ways that can improve the overall user experience. Additionally, Siri, Apple's virtual assistant, is incorporated into almost every app on every iOS device.

                      • 2. Is there an OpenAI app for iPhone?

                        Yes, OpenAI has launched free ChatGPT for iOS users, ensuring that they don't skimp on anything and have access to the virtual assistant via their fingerprints.

                        However, you will need to purchase the $20 monthly subscription plan if you wish to access ChatGPT 4.

                      Navkiran Dhaliwal
                      Navkiran Dhaliwal Jun 07, 24
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