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The iOS 18 operating system is almost here! Rumor has it that it will be released at the June 2024 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC24). So, if this is to be believed, we have less than a couple of months to go.

Could this be the most significant update for the iPhone in a long time? What are the critical improvement features you can expect? Will AI take center stage for some of the features being planned for this upcoming update? Here's all the rumor says so far.

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Relevant reading: It's not very long since the release of iOS 17. To learn more about the historical updates of iOS 17, click to read the other article.

Rumored Key Features in the iOS 18 Update

Rumors have been spreading about the iOS 18 features. Some features will be brand-new. Others will be an improvement of what we have had in the previous operating systems. Here are some of the changes to expect:

  • iOS 18 Design Changes

The iOS 18 update will probably have some spectacular design changes. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, Apple plans to update the iOS's design as early as this year. We might see the operating system borrow a few design elements from visionOS. A post on suggests that Apple will redesign iOS 18 to match visionOS.

alleged ios 18 design charges that match vision pro operating system

Many expect that the iOS 18 will feature a more customizable Home Screen. That will give iPhone users more options for an iPhone look. Users will have more control over how their app icons are arranged.

Yet, Apple icons are likely to remain locked to an invisible grid for better organization. Even so, the update could introduce an option to create rows and columns between app icons.

  • iOS 18 Processor

Apple plans for the initial iOS 18 features to run on-device. They won't rely on cloud servers. That requires a significant processing power. Some capabilities might be limited to the iPhone 16 models with their beast chips.

The next-gen A18 chip that is planned for the iPhone 16 Pro models could come with an upgraded Neural Engine. That implies having a lot more cores to enhance machine-learning performance.

discover the next generation A18 chip
  • Apple Maps in iOS 18

The Apple Maps app in iOS 18 is rumored to come with several new features. One of them is the support for custom routes. Users may be able to select what roads they want to travel down.

the apple maps app will like offer custom maps

Rumor also says that Apple will bring the watchOS 10 topographic feature to the iPhone in iOS 18. Topographic maps include contour lines, trails, points of interest, and elevation. Users would leverage these features during hiking and other outdoor activities.

  • iOS 18 Streamlined iPhone-to-Android Messaging

Apple says it will "later in 2024" adopt the Rich Communication Services (RCS) standard. RCS is an alternative to SMS/MMS. Apple hasn't provided specifics on when this technology will be put into action. But many expect that it will feature in iPhone iOS 18.

Rumors say that Apple will retain iMessage for iPhone-to-iPhone conversations. However, RCS will streamline iPhone-to-Android conversations in many ways.

Users will be able to send high-quality photos and videos to Android without errors. Group chats will be better than ever. The RCS will feature read receipts, emoji reactions, and real-time typing indicators.

iPhone users in the iOS 18 update will be able to send messages over cellular or Wi-Fi. And it's free of charge to send an RCS message over Wi-Fi.

  • Safari Browsing Assistant in iOS 18

Another feature expected in the iOS 18 update is Safari browsing assistance. It's not yet clear what this browsing assistant will do or how it will work. But it's likely one of the AI features rumors say will be featured in the update.

ios 18 may come with all-new safari browsing assistant
  • Accessibility Features of the iOS 18 Update

iOS 18 rumors say that Apple is working on fresh Accessibility features. These include an Adaptive Voice Shortcuts function that lets users create custom phrases. After that, they can choose an accessibility setting to Image name to that phrase.

Speaking this phrase will then turn on the accessibility option. Users will be able to toggle accessibility features like Zoom, VoiceOver, and more.

accessibility features rumored to come with the ios 18

Possible AI-Assisted Apps in iOS 18?

In February, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company is investing heavily in artificial intelligence. He confirmed that the tech giant plans to share the details of ongoing AI work later in this year.

According to rumors, Apple is racing to catch up with companies that have already started using AI. These include Amazon, OpenAI, and Google. Apple is said to be spending over $1 billion every year on AI research and the hardware required to run massive language models.

As mentioned, Apple is said to be planning to use AI in many ways in iOS 18. Many expect that the following built-in apps will get an AI boost:

  • A Better Xcode Version in iOS 18

Apple is working on an improved version of Xcode. This will include an AI feature to predict and finish blocks of code. It will allow developers to enhance the app creation process. The tech giant is also evaluating AI-generated code to rest apps with AI features set to be included in Xcode.

  • iOS 18 Pages, Keynote and Generative AI Chatbot

The iOS 18 is expected to offer AI-assisted writing and slide deck creation. Apple is also expected to introduce its own generative chatbot. The company could choose a chat feature that relies on technology from OpenAI or Google. Apple is said to be in discussions with Google about adding the Gemini AI engine to the iPhone in iOS 18.

The company wants to license Google's large-language models. But branding and terms have yet to be decided. That means we might not see Apple's planned full generative AI vision in iOS 18 after all.

  • Apple Music in iOS 18

Another highly anticipated iOS 18 AI feature is an auto-generated Apple Music playlist. This would be aimed at increasing users' engagement. These playlists can help users find new music that they might otherwise not have seen.

  • Siri in iOS 18

Siri is expected to leverage the AI improvements that Apple is bringing in iOS 18. According to one leaker, Apple plans to use large-language models (LLMs) to improve Siri. It will transform it into the ultimate virtual assistance.

all-new large-language model for ai features set to come with ios 18

Other iOS 18 rumors suggest that Siri will come with improved natural conversation capabilities. It will also feature enhanced user personalization.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says that one of the features Apple is developing is an improved interaction between Siri and the Messages app. This would allow Siri to auto-complete sentences more effectively. It could even answer complex questions. The Information further speaks on this, saying that Siri will gain deeper integration with the Shortcuts app. That will help users automate complete tasks.

iOS 18 Launch and Release Dates

iOS 18 is expected to be launched at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on 10th June. During and after the WWDC, iOS 18 beta will be available to developers for testing purposes. A public beta version may come out sometime in July.

After the beta testing period, iOS 18 will see a release in September 2024 alongside new iPhones.

ios 18 release data from a leaker tech toids on x

Which iPhones Will Support the iOS 18 Update?

iOS 18 is expected to run on all iPhones that are able to run iOS 17. These include the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Max, iPhone SE 2, and newer.

Other iPhone models that will be able to run iOS 18 include all iPhone 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 models. In other words, any iPhone introduced on or after iPhone 11 is a candidate for iOS 18 update.

know which iphone models will support the upcoming ios 18

Transfer Data to a New iPhone with iOS 18 Coming

Your current iPhone may, unfortunately, not support the upcoming iOS 18. In that case, you should upgrade to a compatible model. When you do, moving your data from the old to the new iPhone sounds like a good idea.

From photos and videos to notes and contacts, it's essential to move all your sensitive files to the new device. To do that, you need a reliable tool like MobileTrans App. It's a very secure software, and you can rest assured that no one can access your data.

The MobileTrans App requires no cellular data or cable to send data between two phones. You can transfer up to 10 types of phone content between your devices. The App has two main transfer features to cater to your needs in different scenarios.

These include Phone Transfer and File Transfer. You can use the former when switching to a new iPhone, and you need to move all your data to the new device. Or you can use the latter when moving only specific types of content.

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    connect the two devices and wait while the mobiletrans app transfers your data

As stated, if you only want to transfer a few select data types, MobileTrans App's File Transfer covers you. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Open the MobileTrans App when sending an iPhone and tap File Transfer.
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Note: To save space on your new iPhone, you can back up some of your large videos and files to a computer. MobileTrans - Backup & Restore can help you do that in a minute. Should you require the restoration of your data to the current or new mobile device, you'll be able to do so in a few clicks.


iOS 18 could be the most significant update in many years. It may redefine the way people use their phones with AI taking center stage. Some of the rumored new features include a revamped Home Screen and custom routes in Apple Maps.

You can also expect a better messaging experience between iPhone and Android users. Following the iOS 18 launch on 10th June, a public beta version may be available in the public domain by as early as July. The update is likely to be released later in September 2024. Until then, all we can do is wait!

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