iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max: A Detailed Comparison

Axel Nash
Axel Nash Originally published Dec 19, 22, updated Nov 01, 23

Let's face it - since Apple launched the iPhone 14 Series, there have been many controversies about what the iPhone 14 Pro Max brings to the table. Is it just its 48MP primary camera that makes it better than its predecessor, or there's more?

In this iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max guide, we've discussed all you need to know about both phones. So, if you're weighing your options on upgrading from iPhone 13 Pro Max to 14 Pro Max, you should consider reading this post before making a final decision. Yet, iphone 15 line is just weeks away, you can also get a quick look at the latest rumors of iphone 15 Pro Max here.


iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max: Overview

Surprisingly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max share many features. But before we dive into discussing which is better in different aspects, let's have an overview of their spec, so we can, perhaps, have a concise idea of which might win this battle.

Specs iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 14 Pro Max
Chipset A15 Bionic Chip A16 Bionic Chip
Refresh Rate 120Hz 120Hz
Rear Camera 12MP 48MP
Selfie Camera 12MP 12MP
Charging 27W Wired
15W Magsafe
27W Wired
15W Magsafe
Colors Silver, Gold, Graphite, Alpine Green, Sierra Blue, Deep Purple, Silver, Gold, Space Black

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max: Display and Design

display and design

Nothing so fascinating about the iPhone 14 Pro Max display and design got our attention. It still possesses the same flat edge surrounding and the 6.7-inch OLED display as its predecessor. The only notable difference is the front camera housing, which is now in a pill-shaped cut-out placed at the top center of the screen.

Also, the iPhone 14 now supports a built-in always-on display to show off the user's lock screen and is even customizable. But in terms of refresh rate, it offers the same 120Hz refresh rate as iPhone 13 Pro Max, though iPhone 14 Pro Max can go from 120Hz to as low as 1Hz, which helps the always-on display to save power.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max is available in deep purple, silver, gold, and space black, while the iPhone 13 Pro Max is available in gold, graphite, silver, alpine green, and sierra blue.

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max: Performance


Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max A16 Bionic chip beats the 13 Pro Max A15 Bionic chip hands down.

The new A16 Bionic chip is packed with more than 16 billion transitions and advanced CPU cores that enhance its performance. Also, the new 4nm technology is a big change from the 5nm used in its predecessor and previous iPhones, making it faster and more efficient than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The iPhone 14 Pro Max supports some incredibly unique new features, including satellite connectivity with Emergency SOS and Crash Detection, which is unavailable on the 13 Pro Max.

The satellite connectivity with Emergency SOS allows you to connect the iPhone to a satellite in a remote location with a poor cellular signal network.

The Crash Detection feature, on the other hand, helps detect any severe car crashes. In such a situation, it automatically dials emergency services and shares your location to let your emergency contacts know your current situation.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max: Upgraded Cameras

upgraded cameras

Apple undoubtedly has the best camera in the phone industry, and they showed this off again with the iPhone 14 camera. Although the iPhone 14 Pro Max's rear camera has the same number of lenses as its predecessor, it boasts a whopping 48-megapixel sensor, which is better than the 12-megapixel used in iPhone 13 Pro Max, and other Apple phones.

With the new camera in iPhone 14 Pro Max, you should be able to take better quality photos, and Apple mentioned that the camera also supports a new Photonic Engine technology that further enhances images captured in low light

Additionally, the iPhone 14 Pro Max offers better video recording capabilities than the 13 Pro Max, as it now allows you to record videos in cinematic mode at up to 30fps in 4k HDR, which is better than its predecessor's 1080p without HDR. The 14 Pro Max even offers a new action mode that allows you to capture videos at full high-speed action flawlessly.

iPhone 13 Pro Max vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max: Battery Life

battery life

It's quite surprising to see Apple reduce the battery size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max to 4323mAh, slightly smaller than its predecessor's 4352mAh. However, the good thing is that the 14 Pro Max battery can handle its A16 Bionic Chip processor and keep pace with the 13 Pro Max's battery.

Apple mentioned that the 14 Pro Max could achieve up to 29 hours of video playback after being fully charged, an hour longer than the 13 Pro Max's 28 hours of video playback.

Regarding charging capacity, 13 and 14 Pro Max charges at the same speed. And 14 Pro Max can charge up to 50% within half an hour. In addition, the charging method for both phones is still the same.

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs. iPhone 13 Pro Max: Should You Upgrade?

Overall, the iPhone 14 Pro max's new 48- megapixel rear camera, A16 Bionic Chipset, always-on display, and other improved features make it a better phone than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

However, the upgrades are not as appealing as you might expect. So, if you own an iPhone 13Pro Max, you can still keep using it. Plus, since the iPhone 14 Pro Max is still new, it might be costly. You can wait till it declines in price before you upgrade.

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Final Thoughts

iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max are great phones, but Apple introduced some critical refinements to the 14 Pro Max that improve it more than its predecessor. But overall, you can't go wrong using any of the two phones.

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