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It's always frustrating the iPhone doesn't receive pictures from Android. And with over 1 billion active iPhones in use worldwide, the chances are high that you need to send photos from your Android to an iPhone user.

There are several potential reasons why an iPhone does not receive photos from an Android device. In this article, we’ll explore the top reasons for this problem. Also, covers the best fixes for “iPhone not receiving pictures from Android” for a smooth sharing experience.

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    1. Method 1: Use Compatible Cross-platform Messaging Apps
    2. Method 2: Update to the Latest Software Versions
    3. Method 3: Verify App Permissions on Both Devices
    4. Method 4: Try Transferring A Single Photo
    5. Method 5: Turn iMessage off on the iPhone
    6. Method 6: Temporarily Disable WiFi on Both Devices
    7. Method 7: Try Transferring Photos through Cloud Storage

Why Is The iPhone Not Receiving Pictures From Android? Top Reasons

  1. Incompatible messaging apps

    One of the most common reasons is using messaging apps that are not fully compatible between the two operating systems. For example, if you try to send photos through the native Android Messages app to an iPhone. So, the iPhone likely won’t receive them properly since that app is made specifically for Android.

  2. Software bugs

    Bugs in the messaging apps can also cause issues with photos not sending properly between devices. For example, a bug in an app’s iPhone version may prevent it from receiving photos sent from the Android version. Apps often release regular updates to fix bugs like these.

  3. Outdated software

    If either device is running an outdated version of its operating system. It can cause compatibility issues for sharing photos across platforms. Always make sure both your iPhone and Android devices are updated to the latest OS versions.

  4. Low storage space

    iPhone is low on storage space? Well, it may not accept incoming photos sent from other devices. This can happen when the device doesn’t have enough room to store the incoming photos. Clearing up storage space on the iPhone can help resolve this.

  5. Restricted data/storage settings

    Check the app data and storage settings on the iPhone. If it has restrictions enabled for receiving photos from other devices, this could block the photos being sent from the Android. Disabling any restrictions can allow the photos to come through.

  6. Temporary glitch

    Sometimes a simple restart or toggling Airplane mode on and off can resolve a temporary connectivity glitch. This refreshes the network connection and gets things working again.

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Note: Sometimes the issue can also be caused by the network glitches. If you are on the hotspot, check out how to fix a disconnecting hotspot.

How to Fix the iPhone not receiving pictures from Android?

Method 1: Use Compatible Cross-platform Messaging Apps

Using a messaging app compatible with both iOS and Android is key. It ensures seamless photo sharing between devices, as mentioned earlier.

Some top options include:

  • WhatsApp - This popular messaging app has versions that work flawlessly between iPhone and Android. It utilizes your phone number for account setup.
  • Facebook Messenger -Facebook Messenger is Image nameed to your Facebook account. It can instantly sync across iPhone and Android. Photos stay in their original quality.
  • Telegram - Telegram has native apps for both operating systems and handles media sharing exceptionally well. It's possible to form group chats accommodating a maximum of 200,000 members.
  • Signal - Focused on privacy and security, Signal uses end-to-end encryption for all communication. Media including photos can be set to auto-delete after viewing.
  • LINE - Predominately popular in Asia, Line takes a social network-like approach to messaging. Stickers and emojis enhance the photo-sharing experience.

Method 2: Update to the Latest Software Versions

Keeping your iPhone, Android, and messaging apps fully updated can prevent bugs that may block photo sharing:

On iPhone, go to Settings > General > Software Update to download and install the latest version of iOS.

update iphone and android

For Android, check for OS updates in Settings or the system update menu.

Also, update messaging apps themselves through the App Store or Google Play Store on each device. Look for app updates weekly or when troubleshooting issues.

Method 3: Verify App Permissions on Both Devices

Double-check that the messaging app you're using has permission to access photos on both the iPhone and Android:

On iPhone, go to Settings > [App Name] > Photos and confirm the app is set to Access Photos.

grant photo permissions to apps

On Android, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Permissions and check if Photos is allowed for the messaging app.

Method 4: Try Transferring A Single Photo

Here comes another simple workaround to fix the issue that iPhone not receiving pictures from Android. See if you can successfully send one photo from your Android device to the iPhone. If a single photo won't send, it indicates a wider connectivity issue between the devices. If it does send, try sending multiple photos to isolate the problem.

Method 5: Turn iMessage off on the iPhone

disable iMessage on iphone

If sending photos between iPhones normally, try this. Toggle iMessage off in Settings > Messages on the receiving iPhone. This ensures it doesn't block photos coming from an Android device to that same iPhone number.

Method 6: Temporarily Disable WiFi on Both Devices

turn off wifi on iphone and Android

Sometimes WiFi networks can interfere with connectivity between an Android and iPhone. As a test, turn off WiFi on both devices and attempt to send photos over the cellular data connection only. If successful, the WiFi network may be the issue.

Method 7: Try Transferring Photos through Cloud Storage

Apps like Google Photos, Dropbox, iCloud, etc can act as intermediaries for sharing photos between platforms. Upload photos from the Android device to cloud storage, then download them to the iPhone through the cloud service's app.

Following this expanded troubleshooting guidance should help you narrow down the cause. It will get your iPhone to reliably receive photos sent from any Android device.

The Best Way to Transfer Countless Photos From Android to iPhone

Hope that you won't have the problem of receiving photos from Android on the iPhone, especially there are countless photos. However, if you tried several times and failed, a specialized app will help you transfer the piles of photos seamlessly. That is MobileTrans app from Wondershare.

Wondershare MobileTrans

Transfer Pictures, Photos and Stickers with 1-Click!hot

  • • Migrate photos selectively or in bulk. Transfer up to 14 different data types.
  • • Preserves 100% intact photo quality during transfer.
  • • Works directly between two phones without a computer required.
  • • Extensive phone compatibility - 1000+ phone models supported.
  • • Encrypted data transfer and no third-party server storage for privacy.
  • • A simple 5-step process takes just a few minutes to complete.

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Here are the steps to transfer.

Step 1: Download and install the MobileTrans app on both your iPhone and Android device from their respective app stores. The launch it.

Step 2: On both devices, select the "Phone Transfer" option within the MobileTrans app.

wondershare mobiletrans interface

Step 3: Select “Old Phone" on the Android and “New Phone” on the iPhone. Then activates the camera of iPhone to scan the QR code displayed on the Android device to pair the devices.

Ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. It will initiate seamless communication during the transfer process.

mobiletrans scan QR code

Step 4: After pairing, Choose the data types you wish to transfer and start the transfer.

mobiletrans share files

Step 5: Once the transfer is finished, you'll receive a confirmation message on both devices. Verify that the transferred data appears correctly on the receiving device.


While an iPhone not receiving photos sent from an Android can be frustrating, in most instances it can be easily fixed. With the right messaging app and tools, you can send photos between iPhone and Android seamlessly. And MobileTrans offers an easy, direct phone-to-phone method. It's the quickest way to transfer your entire photo collection from Android to iPhone.

So, you'll stay connected through your favorite pictures no matter which device you or your recipients are using.

Navkiran Dhaliwal
Navkiran Dhaliwal Jun 13, 24
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