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So, you've tried to play one of your songs, but instead, an unusual message appeared on the screen. It reads, "You must authorize this computer to use Apple Music or iTunes Match."

What's the meaning of this message? Find the answer below, plus a step-by-step guide on how to authorize a computer for iTunes.

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    1. How to Do I Authorize Computer for iTunes: Fix Account Issue
    2. Unable to Unthorize My Computer for iTunes: Steps to Fix Folder Permission Issue

What Does Authorizing a Computer for iTunes Mean?

How do I authorize my computer for iTunes? Before answering this answer, it is best to help you understand what that means. Authorizing a computer for iTunes means granting the PC permission to access and manage your iTunes Store.

This authorization system protects the copyrights of the purchased songs. In other words, it ensures that only a few computers can play or download your purchased content at any time.

You can authorize or deauthorize your computer at any time. With a single Apple ID, you can authorize up to five computers. However, the PC you initially purchase content with will be the first device of the five approved to play it.

So, how do I authorize a computer for iTunes? As detailed below, you must use your Apple ID and password.

Learn How to Authorize a Computer for iTunes in Easy Steps

You've learned what authorizing a computer means in the above section. It's time to answer the following: How do I authorize this computer for iTunes? The procedure is straightforward and a matter of a few seconds.

Follow these steps to learn how to authorize a computer for iTunes on Windows 10/11:

  1. Launch the iTunes app on the Windows PC you wish to authorize. Click Account in the iTunes menu bar and select Sign in.
    choose sign from the itunes menu bar on your windows pc
  2. Type your Apple ID (the one you used to buy the items you wish to access) and password. Click Sign in.
    enter your apple id and password to sign in to itunes
  3. Once you're signed in, click Account again. Select Authorizations, then click Authorize This Computer.
    choose authorize this computer under authorizations
  4. Re-type your Apple ID and the password once prompted, then click Authorize.

That's how I authorize my computer for iTunes. The computer should now be approved to access your iTunes music, videos, and other content.

If you're using a Mac PC, the steps differ slightly. This is how to authorize a Macbook for Apple Music:

  1. Launch the iTunes or Music app (it depends on the macOS version you're using) on your Macbook.
  2. Click Account from the Menu at the top of the app's window, then choose Sign in.
    open itunes or music app and choose sign in under the account option
  3. Type your Apple ID and Password.
    enter your apple id and password to login to itunes
  4. Once you've successfully logged in, click Account again, then hover your mouse over Authorizations. Choose Authorize This Computer.
    authorize your mac for itunes

That's how to authorize iTunes on Mac. As mentioned, you can also deauthorize a computer any time you want. Deauthorizing can come in handy if you decide to sell your computer. It ensures the device isn't counted as one of your authorized devices. The following is a simple guide on how to deauthorize a computer for iTunes:

  1. Open the iTunes or Music app on your computer and click Account at the top menu bar.
  2. Select the Sign in option, then type your Apple ID and the correct Password to sign in to iTunes or Music.
  3. Click Account at the top menu in the iTunes window. Go to Authorizations, then choose Deauthorize This Computer.

Once you deauthorize a device, you can no longer listen to purchased content on that device. What if you forgot to deauthorize a PC you no longer own, and you have five authorized devices?

You can deauthorize all computers at once. Apple allows you to use this method once a year. Follow steps 1-3 above, but in 3, choose Deauthorize All. This option will only be available if you have five authorized computers.

Unable to Authorize a Computer for iTunes? How to Troubleshoot

A couple of things can cause you to be unable to authorize your computer when prompted. These are issues with account or SC Info folder permissions. Check how to fix each one:

How Do I Authorize Computer for iTunes: Fix Account Issue

To fix an account issue and authorize your computer for iTunes:

  1. Press the Windows or Ctrl + Esc keys on the keyboard.
  2. Click the search field and enter UserAccountControlSettings. Click AccountControlSettings and then choose Yes to allow the app to make changes.
    fix account issue and then try to authorize computer for itunes
  3. Move the slider to the bottom setting, then click OK. Click Yes again if asked to allow the app to make changes.
  4. Restart your PC and turn on User Account Controls again. Repeat steps 1-3, then move the slider back to the setting you want.
  5. Click OK, then restart the computer. After the restart, try to authorize your computer again.

Unable to Unthorize My Computer for iTunes: Fix Folder Permission Issue

iTunes requires the SC Info folder on your PC. You can remove this folder and allow iTunes to recreate it. Check the steps:

  1. Close iTunes and press the Ctrl + Esc keys on the keyboard.
  2. Click the search field or magnifying icon. In the search field, type %ProgramData% then hit the Return button.
  3. Click View and then choose Hidden Items to display hidden files.
  4. Launch the Apple Computer folder, followed by the iTunes folder.
  5. Right-click the SC Info folder, then select Delete from the pop-up menu. Restart the computer.
  6. Open iTunes and try to authorize your PC again.

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    select data to export to your pc then click export to start the process
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    wait for the process to be completed shortly


This article has shown you how to authorize a computer for iTunes. As you've realized, the authorization process involves a few very simple steps. Anyone can do it in a minute.

You've also learned how to deauthorize a computer for iTunes. You can apply the knowledge any time to remove a computer you no longer own.

Although rare, you can encounter hitches during the authorizing or deauthorizing exercise. If you do, use the steps discussed to troubleshoot any underlying issues. You can also install the MobileTrans - Phone Transfer. It will help you seamlessly move music and other data from your iPhone/iPad to the PC.

logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent
Navkiran Dhaliwal
Navkiran Dhaliwal Jun 07, 24
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