Halloween wallpapers decorate your phone with holiday vibe. And the same applies to  Halloween memes like the spirit Halloween meme, spooky meme, and pumpkin meme. You can use them to bond over what has become the 'spookiest' and scariest holiday of the year.

So, feel free to share your Halloween memes on social media. This article will show you four kinds of Halloween memes and 6 sources to download them. 

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    1. The Pumpkin Memes
    2. The Michael Myers Memes
    3. Happy Halloween Memes
    4. Spooky Halloween Memes
    1. Pinterest
    2. Seventeen
    3. Reader’s Digest
    4. The Pioneer Woman Blog
    5. The Digital Mom Blog
    6. USA Today

What is Spirit Halloween Memes?

The spirit Halloween meme has been trending on social media recently. But where did it all start?

The Spirit Halloween is a real business that sells Halloween props and costumes. It is not fiction.

Joe Marver founded and opened its first store in Castro Valley Mall. They have over 1,400 stores today.

Spirit Halloween has a unique strategy of taking over the retail spaces of stores that go out of business. It became popular on social media, and in 2015, a user on IMGUR posted the first meme titled, ‘The rundown shopping center starter pack.’

first meme of retail stores posted in 2015

Since then, other social media users started posting references to Spirit Halloween taking over unused store spaces. These posts got numerous engagements and kickstarted the spirit Halloween meme frenzy.

users posted references to Spirit Halloween
users posted references to Spirit Halloween
users posted references to Spirit Halloween

Beside posts, there are plenty of memes created by users.

halloween spirit meme on screen lock
halloween costume meme “KANYE WEST”

Then, the spirit Halloween memes have evolved with a costume that anyone can customize. Here are a few.

spirit halloween meme includes 1 ghost bedsheet
meme of spirit halloween store
humorous pumpkin meme “TRUMPKIN

Most spirit Halloween memes are funny. So, if you want to tease your friends or social media followers, you can use one of many available online. There are also other Halloween memes like the popular pumpkin memes.

4 Kinds of the Most Popular Halloween Memes

Although the spirit Halloween meme has taken over social media recently, Halloween memes come in different forms. Here are some of the most popular ones you will find around.

The Pumpkin Memes

The tradition of carving pumpkin dates back to over 100 years. It was originally from Ireland, where people carved it into jack-o'-lanterns to scare off evil spirits passing through their farms.

Like wildfire, it spread to the United States, and has since become synonymous with the Halloween festival. Here are some funny and scary pumpkin memes.

It makes reference to former United States president, Mr. Donald Trump. Here with the vivid image, the text “TRUMPKIN” is more interesting as it’s a blending of the words “pumpkin” and “Trump”.

a pumpkin-headed man

And this one is a meme about making memes.

pumpkin meme with a cute cat

Cat lovers are not left out of the halloween memes frenzy.

wearing pumpkin hat shows Halloween mood

And if you’re thinking of getting into the holiday mood, here is one for you.

michael myers waiting for Halloween

The Michael Myers Memes

The idea of Micheal Myers is to display an evil fictional character from the Halloween series films, the scary part of Halloween. Here are a few Michael Myers memes to get you into the Halloween mood.

This one represents the mood of Halloween lovers when they can’t wait to enjoy the holidays.

michael myers lying in leaves

And for those that get so excited about Halloween, here’s one to share with your friends.

michael myers meme: Obsessive Halloween Disorder

If you like something dark, spooky, but funny? Here is one for you. Trickily, it makes use of “Polysemy” to give the abbreviation of Other Health Disorder (OHD) another meaning, obsessive Halloween disorder.

michael myers waiting on Halloween
a witch and house for Halloween atmosphere

With Halloween memes, you get everything from funny, dark, spooky to scary. There is something for everyone. So, as Halloween gets close, how about sharing with your friends to wish them a Happy Halloween?

Happy Halloween Memes

Unlike other Halloween memes, the happy Halloween meme has no representative character. You can create it with any of the characters or symbols in the other memes. Here are a few.

You can start with this happy halloween meme.

scary but joking halloween meme

If you are feeling mischievous, here is a 'scary' happy Halloween meme that shows the evil character of Michael Myers.

Aside from those with the Micheal Myers character, most happy Halloween memes are generally playful and funny like the following two memes.

scary pumpkin lights want treat
a man holding a knife for Halloween

Spooky Halloween Memes

You cannot discuss Halloween without mentioning the word ‘spooky.’ So, naturally, you can expect spooky memes and Michael Myers features in many.

a spooky man cooking breakfast
a ghost with a pumpkin

There are also other spooky memes that do not have the Micahel Myers character, like this one.

halloween memes from pinterest

The Halloween memes tradition caters to everyone. You will also find what you want online. You can also create something unique with an AI meme generator. For now, though, you can focus on the ones available online.

How to Download Halloween Memes?

Halloween memes come from different sources like social media, and there are also websites with tons of Halloween memes that you can download and share with your friends on social media.

Downloading memes is easy. It is the same as downloading photos online.But where can you find these memes? Here are some free websites for your reference.

  1. Pinterest: Pinterest is a popular social platform and visual discovery engine for people discovering, saving and sharing images. You can find millions of high-quality Halloween memes on Pinterest. And they are all free.

    halloween memes from seventeen website
  2. Seventeen: Seventeen is an online media platform for Gen-Z. They report stories on various social media trends, including Halloween trends. 

    halloween memes in Pioneer Woman’s blog
  3. Reader’s Digest: This is a US-based monthly magazine. It provides a wide range of topics about health, culture and entertainment. You'll find interesting Halloween memes and engaging content here.

    halloween memes in Reader's Digest
  4. The Pioneer Woman Blog: The Pioneer Woman website belongs to Celebrity Chef and food blogger Ree Drummond. You must have seen her on Food Network. She is a big fan of Halloween and has a section on her blog for Halloween memes.

    halloween memes from Digital Mom
  5. The Digital Mom Blog: The Digital Mom blog is another source for Halloween memes.

    halloween memes from usatoday
  6. USA Today: This popular US online newspaper also has a section where you can choose from 75 Halloween memes.

    halloween memes from usatoday
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As you can see, you can find Halloween memes everywhere online. Aside from the websites and blogs mentioned, you can also find them on Instagram and X. So, feel free to download your favorite memes from any of these platforms to your PC.

How to Transfer Memes from PC to Mobiles?

And what if you want to transfer these memes from your PC or computer to your smartphone? MobileTrans is the right solution if you need an easy way to do it.

With MobileTrans, you do not need to have much technical knowledge. All you need is to connect your mobile device to your and follow the prompts from the software.

Here are the steps to transfer your memes from your computer to your iPhone/Android.

Step 1: Visit the official website of MobileTrans software to Download the software. Then, launch it on your PC.

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Step 2: Connect your iPhone/Android device to your computer and ensure it remains connected throughout the transfer process.


select meme images

Step 3: Select your memes from your computer. Typically you will find them in your downloads, screenshots, or wherever you save your images on your computer. Next, go to FileTransfer. Then, click on Import to phone.


import memes to phones

Step 4: Finally, import the data to your device. Once MobileTrans completes the import, you will find your memes on your phone.

 So, with the easy transferring, you can have your favorite spirit memes, pumpkin memes, or any spooky Halloween memes at reach and share them anytime on your social media and chat groups.


Halloween has become a memorable and fun holiday for many, and memes play their part. Whether it's the spirit Halloween memes, pumpkin memes, happy or spooky memes, you will find them online. And if you decide to transfer your meme collection from your computer to your mobile device, MobileTrans is a reliable solution.

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Navkiran Dhaliwal Dec 27, 23
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