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Are you looking for a deal on an Apple Watch? Cyber Monday is the most premium shopping experience you can get right now. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for an older or the latest model. Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals have plenty of offers on various Apple Watch models.

These include the newest series 8, SE 2nd Gen, Ultra, and even the series 9. We've researched and compiled a list of the hottest Apple Watch deals for this year's Cyber Monday. Read on to discover up to 35% discount on your favorite watch.

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Part 1: Spotting the Best Apple Watch Deals for Cyber Monday

Quick List
  1. Apple Watch Series 9 41mm
  2. Apple Watch Series 8 45mm
  3. Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation 40mm
  4. Certified Refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 45mm
  5. Apple Watch Ultra 49mm
  6. Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen 44mm

Overview of Apple Watch Deals

List Price Deal Price You Save Seller
Apple Watch Series 9 41mm $399 $349 $50 Walmart
Apple Watch Series 8 45mm $429 $343.00 $85.01 Best Buy
Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation 40mm $249 $219 or $54.75/month for 4 months $30 Amazon and Best Buy
Certified Refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 45mm $479 $349 $130 Apple official website
Apple Watch Ultra 49mm $799 $659 $140 Amazon
and Best Buy
Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen 44mm $279 $239 $40 Amazon

1. Apple Watch Series 9 41mm


As the last hours of the Apple Watch Cyber Monday tick away, mark your calendar and be the first to grab this deal. This Apple Watch Series 9 will sell at $349, down from $399 on Nov 8th. You could save $50!

Key Features

  • 18 hours of battery life
  • 41mm screen size
  • Precision Finding for iPhone
  • Double tap

This watch is more intelligent and powerful, and it has a brighter display than its predecessors. It's one of those Apple Watch Cyber Week deals you should consider. That's if you wish to upgrade to the most recent release.

Available on Walmart.

2. Apple Watch Series 8 45mm


The original price for this series 8 model was $429. But this Apple Watch Series 8 Cyber Monday deal offers you the product for $343.00. You save $$85.01.

Key Features

  • 45mm touchscreen
  • GPS connectivity
  • Crash detection
  • Lengthy battery life

Why should you buy it? This Apple Watch for Cyber Monday is best for a larger screen. The watch also has the most advanced technologies. It offers an all-round better health and fitness tracking experience.

Besides, you don't need to buy it in cash. You can pay $28.67 per month for 12 months and still save almost $85.

Find this Apple Watch Series 8 deal on Best Buy.

3. Apple Watch SE 2nd Generation 40mm


Grab this Apple Watch Cyber Monday deal to own one of Apple's latest lineup for $219, down from $249. The bargain is even better because you can make four payments of $$54.75 each if you can only raise part of the amount at a time. Either way, you'll save $30, a significant discount for such a high-end device.

Key Features

  • 40mm touchscreen
  • Powerful S6 chip
  • 32GB internal memory capacity
  • Built-in compass

The Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen supports cellular connectivity. That means you don't need to carry your phone around. You can make and receive calls and texts right from the wristwatch. Fitness and Sleep Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor make it an ideal tool for a fitness enthusiast.

Ready to grab the deal? Find it on Amazon.

4. Certified Refurbished Apple Watch Series 7 45mm


The price of this refurbished series 7 model was $479. But you can now take this Apple Watch home for $349. This Apple Watch 7 Cyber Monday deal offers a $$130 discount, over 27% off the original price!

Key Features

  • Retina Display with 20% more screen area than Series 6
  • 3rd gen optical heart sensor
  • Built-in compass
  • International emergency calling

Grab this Apple Watch Series 7 deal if you like to buy hardy, 'road-tested' devices. Its outstanding features will also take your fitness journey to the next level.

Find the deal on the Apple official website.

5. Apple Watch Ultra 49mm


It's one of the hottest Apple Watch Cyber deals. The Apple Watch sells at $659, and the list price is $799. That means you'll save $140.

Key Features

  • GPS and Cellular capable
  • 49mm screen size
  • Brighter Retina Display
  • Extra-Long battery life

The Apple Watch Ultra 49mm is ideal for both adult men and women. Some unique features you can expect include Activity Tracker and Heart Rate Monitor. The Sleep Monitor and Blood Oxygen features will also help you keep your well-being on track. It's an Apple Watch Cyber Monday deal you want to take advantage of.

Find it on Amazon and Best Buy.

6. Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen 44mm


The Apple Watch SE 2nd Gen 44mm is another powerful fitness partner selling at $239 after a 14% discount. The product's original price was $279. That means this Cyber Monday Apple Watch SE deal saves you $40!

Key Features

  • 44mm screen size
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Voice, Activity Control
  • GPS and Heart Rate Monitor

Also, this watch gives you access to thousands of useful apps on the App Store. It's the perfect personal device for whatever you enjoy doing. For example, its enhanced Workout app will revolutionize your training. The app offers advanced performance and fitness information. It's an Apple Watch Cyber Monday deal that's worth every penny.

Find it on Amazon.

Part 2: Where to Get Top Apple Watch Deals

Best Buy is the perfect platform if you want your old Apple Watch to net the highest trade-in credit. You can grab up to $$235 off the Apple Watch Series 9 when you trade in your old high-end watch.

The Apple Watch homepage on Amazon lists every Apple Watch model and any price drops. It offers discounts of up to 20% on older and the latest Apple Watch models.

AT&T commits to keeping you connected to your loved ones, work, commerce, and life. That is by offering attractive discounts, such as $300 off when you buy two Apple Watches.

It's the best platform for refurbished Apple Watch deals, including up to 27% off. You can even get up to 3% cashback on Apple Card payments and even qualify for free shipping.

Walmart now has the most significant Apple Watch sale on Cyber Monday for the series 9 model - $50. It's also one of the best platforms to pay for your favorite Apple Watch model in monthly installments.

Part 3: Buying Strategies for Cyber Week

Getting what you want at a much lower price on Cyber Monday requires proper preparation and specific strategies. First, here are a few tips on how to prepare for Cyber Monday:

  • Bookmark useful websites. It will make it easier and quicker to compare deals on a specific product to choose the most suitable.
  • Sign up for your favorite retailers' newsletters. That is an old-fashioned strategy, but it keeps you updated on the latest deals available. Some newsletters may even include links to the actual Apple Watch deals on Cyber Monday.
  • Research about shipping fees. Many retailers offer free shipping on all orders during Cyber Monday. It's one of the best ways to save money, especially on multiple purchases.

You also need to apply specific shopping strategies. They will help you make the most out of the available Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals.

  • Set a Budget. It's the first rule of Cyber Monday to avoid overspending. Stick to your budget and avoid upsells and add-ons.
  • Use price comparison tools. Reputable tools such as ShopSavvy and PayPal Honey are useful during Cyber Monday. They can help you compare different Cyber Week Apple Watch deals. After that, it's easier to select the most reasonable.
  • Shop in Private Mode. It's not a foolproof way to hide your identity from retailers. But it can render you eligible for deals unavailable to someone with your purchasing history.
  • Shop early. Most sellers run Cyber Monday deals for at least 24 hours. However, shopping as early as possible may be the best way to avoid items running out of stock.

Final Verdict

After going through our guide above, it's easier to find the top Apple Watch Cyber Monday deals of 2023. Here's a recap of the key points discussed:

  • You can save over 27% off the list price for your favorite Apple Watch for Cyber Monday.
  • Amazon and Best Buy are some of the best platforms to find attractive Cyber Monday Apple Watch deals.
  • The Apple official website is also a great platform to shop straight from the source. It offers impressive Apple Watch Cyber deals on refurbished models and trade-in terms.

You now have the information to get the finest Cyber Monday deals on Apple Watches. All that remains is to plan and prepare accordingly. Planning for any holiday and annual sales guarantees a more rewarding shopping experience.


  • Do Apple Watches Go on Sale for Cyber Monday?
    Yes, Apple Watches go on sale for Cyber Monday, when the highest discounts happen. You can find these price cuts on reputable stores like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart. Apple only offers gift cards for purchases. The tech giant also provides generous bargains on its refurbished products.
  • Where Else Can You Get Apple Watch Deals?
    You can get interesting Apple Watch deals on Target Brands. This platform claims to make your shopping experience easy and fast. That also involves fast delivery, shipping, and pickup services. B&H Photo Video also has excellent offers on Apple Watches and other Apple products like AirPods.
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Navkiran Dhaliwal Jun 07, 24
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