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The launching of the Samsung S24 Plus and other models within the Galaxy S lineup is around the corner. Rumors about the 2024 Galaxy Unpacked event are coming thick and fast. Most of them suggest that Samsung will hold the launch early next year.

So, what will the new Plus model look like? The Plus model often feels like the forgotten phone within the Galaxy S-Series. Most attention goes to the Samsung's Ultra. The base model is usually the option for smartphone buyers looking for a good value. That means the Plus is stuck between trying to stand out among the best Samsung phones.

Hopefully, the phone maker has noted that. Thus, this middle phone may come out better and more powerful next season than many think. Here's everything you need to know.

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Part 1 Samsung S24 Plus: Rumors About the Design

Many expect Samsung to keep its three-part Galaxy S lineup intact with the Galaxy S24. That would imply that the new range would likely have a 6.6-inch Galaxy S24 Plus. However, the Plus model may feature a larger screen with up to a 0.05-inch increase. That could also significantly impact other features.

A more extensive display means a larger body, too. But leaker @Tech_Reve has an opposing opinion. The guy claims the Samsung S24 and S24 Plus will retain the same design as their S23 counterparts.


But again, Samsung has slightly changed the design of its smartphones each year. That means the new Plus model may be different from its predecessor. It's still hard to tell how the design might evolve for the Galaxy S24 series. But we would still likely see curved corners and flat sides on the Samsung S24 Plus.


There are a few rumors about the color of the Samsung S 24 Plus. But a post on had something to say about it. Samsung's smartphones in the Galaxy S24 series may come in four color options. That is Black, Violet, Gray, and Yellow.

Part 2 Samsung S24 Plus: Other Basic Specs

After a short talk of the Samsung S24 Plus design, we will discuss some basic rumored specifications of Samsung S24 Plus, including display, cameras, performance, AI features, and battery.

  • Display

The display may also come better than the current S23 Plus. We should expect AMOLED panels and a 48Hz minimum refresh on the base and the Plus models.


Ice Universe claims that the Galaxy S24 and S24+ could get the Ultra treatment. That means they feature LTPO displays. This technology would enable them to use fully adaptive refresh rates.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus could also get a bump to a WQHD resolution. That would significantly improve the Galaxy S23 Plus' FHD resolution.

  • Cameras

There are a few rumors about the Samsung S24 Plus cameras so far. But the most significant rumor claims the Galaxy S24 Plus will have the same 50 MP cameras as the S23. Recent rumors say that the 12MP selfie camera is indeed sticking around.

You may see the Galaxy S24-Series carrying some familiar main cameras throughout all its models. That could disappoint many hoping for extensive upgrades next year.


Revegnus claims that Samsung will use the GN3 sensor for the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus. The GN3 is currently available on the Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus models. However, this is an excellent sensor that you'll also find on the mighty Google Pixel 7 series. In case you're wondering, GN3 is a low2-light performance lens. It allows you to capture clear, fast-moving images in dark environments.

  • Performance Specs

Earlier rumor from Tech_Rev suggests that the Samsung S24+ will feature the Snapdragon. That's likely the optimized model, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The company may also consider using different chips based on region. That would include the Exynos 2400. But only the Samsung Galaxy S24+ and S24 Ultra would run on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

In late July, the Galaxy S24 Plus popped up on Geekbench 6 with remarkable scores. The listing includes a single-core score of 2,233 and a multi-core score of 6 661. That makes it speedier than just about any Android handset out there.

For the RAM, it's claimed that the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will offer 12 GB of RAM instead of the 8GB on the S23 models. However, you might pay for the extra RAM. The internal storage may get the Ultra treatment with a 1TB upgrade. That is up from the 512GB for its S23 counterpart.

  • AI (Samsung Gauss)

AI-powered features on smartphones have become a huge debate these days. Samsung is putting a lot of effort into this technology.

A report from Korea suggests that the phone maker will integrate AI into the Samsung Galaxy S24+. That will create experiences much like Google features on the Pixel phones powered by its Tensor chipsets.

This generative AI on board the Galaxy S24 is set to be called Samsung Gauss. According to reports, the Gauss will offer features like the ability to summarize documents. It will also translate content into third-party apps and enable you to compose e-mails, among other capalities.

  • Battery Life & Charging

A Li-Po 4755 mAh battery will power Samsung 24 Plus. Previous reports say that Samsung will reportedly use a stacked battery in the S24 Plus. That will offer better energy density without increasing size. According to an earlier report, Samsung may boost its energy density by up to 10 percent.


Unfortunately, we may not get that after all. The S24 series has already been certified for use in China. The documents claim there will be 45W charging on the Plus and Ultra models. The same is backed by a post on

Part 3 Samsung S24 Plus: Release and Launch Dates

For a long time, Samsung has announced a new Galaxy S-Series in the first or second month of the year. You would have to return to the Galaxy S8 to find a launch that didn't occur in January or February. The Galaxy S8 launched in March 2017. As such, many would bet on a Samsung launch event happening in either January or February 2024.

Latest rumors from Tech_Reve suggest that Samsung may forward the release by a month. That's probably to counter the iPhone 15 Pro demand.


Another tip from Leaker Ice Universe on Weibo, revealed that Samsung is targeting to hold the Galaxy Unpacked event on January 18. A South Korean forecast also suggests an early 2024 Galaxy S24 launch. Samsung will reportedly return to the US to hold the launch event in San Francisco.

Part 4 Samsung S24 Plus: Price Rumors and Predictions

Studying the pattern of the previous few years can help us know what to expect from the upcoming Galaxy S24 Plus price. The Galaxy S21 Plus was $799. This price point remained constant for the S22 and S23 Plus models. So, for the past three years, Samsung has kept its Galaxy S pricing strategy the same in the US.

We can't, however, say the same for other regions. The Galaxy S23 series jumped in price in many areas, including Europe. As such, the United States may witness a price jump soon. How much of a jump is still a mystery. But of course, it's no surprise seeing Samsung sticking with its exact pricing for the past three releases.

Many want to see a similar pricing model for the upcoming flagship phone. The $799 is an excellent spot to maintain for value. However, the company may still increase the price of the Samsung 24+. That is, if there are upgrades on crucial features like the RAM.

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Based on the rumors, the Samsung S24 Plus may have more remarkable upgrades than its current S23 counterpart. However, these improvements may come at a higher price tag. Or the phone maker will follow the price model it has used in the past three years.

Either way, you'll have a decision to make. That is, whether any new upgrades justify ditching your current phone for the new S24 Plus!

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  • Will Samsung S24 Plus Still Come Out?
    It's still unclear whether or not the Samsung S24 Plus will still come out. A previous report hinted at the rumored disappearance of the Plus model from Samsung's Galaxy S family. However, Roland Quandt rubbished those claims. So, the middle child of the Galaxy S family may be sticking around after all.
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Navkiran Dhaliwal Jun 07, 24
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