According to the latest news of iPhone 15, Apple held its iPhone 15 ‘Wonderlust’ event on the 12th September, 2023, starting at 10 a.m. local time. Then pre-order it at 5 a.m. on 15 September 2023.

The latest updates of iPhone 15 is overwhleming. Four particular new features of iPhone 15 has attracted much attention:Dynamic Island for all-series , 48MP main camera, melted glass with aluminum (standard) and grade-five titanium (Pro), USB-C prot.

Because they differentiate the new iPhone from previous iPhones. iPhone 15 will be the initial one adopting USB-C charging. And it will make great improvement in AI features, like the AI health app to monitor moods. It will also have a personal voice app with which users can record and save their voices in digital form.

Moreover, the specification and design of the new iPhone also worth your expectation. Let's take a first look of them when you waiting for the livestream of the Wonderlust event.

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iPhone 15 Expected Release Date

Going by previous releases, the September 2023 dates look realistic. The iPhone 14 dropped in September 2022. Apple has had its Wonderlust event on 12 September 2023, and the iPhone 15 will hit the market on 15 September 2023 for pre-oderring. 9to5mac also confirms the rumored release date.

iPhone 15 Price

According to the Wonderlust event, here is a table showing the expected prices for the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Max
Starting Price $799 $899 $999 $1,199

But you cannot judge a phone on the price alone, the design and other features are important too.

iPhone 15 Design

The most noticeable design change is the titanium body, changing from the stainless body of previous models. And the body material matches the colors to some extent.

You can learn from the Wonderlust event that iPhone pro models adopt the dark titanium-like colors. And the standard models, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus, adopt several lighter colors like pink, yellow, blue, green and black.

iphone 15 released colors

Rumors also state that the Pro models will have low-injection pressure overmolding (LIPO) displays. The LIPO design gives the iPhone 15 more rounded corners and tiny bezels. The borders of the new phone will be 1.55 millimeters, while that of previous Pro models was 2.2 millimeters. This will give users more screen space to work with.

iPhone 15 Pro bezel vs iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models will also have a more interactive and customizable display interface with Dynamic Island. And perhaps the most surprising change is the USB-C port as Apple will finally drop the lightning port.

But there’s more to this. Initial rumors had stated that Apple would restrict charging and data transfer speed, and only the Pro Models will be Thunderbolt compatible. However, recent leaks from ChargerLab show that perhaps 3 of the iPhone 15 series will have the Thunderbolt/USB4 that could reach up to 40 Gbps for data transmission.

retina chip of 3 iphone 15 models

The new design will support the additional and surprising new features that will come with the smartphone.

iPhone 15 Specifications

One surprising new feature is the Periscope lens. It will be exclusive to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The move from lightning to USB-C is also a new feature that users will appreciate. Here is a tabular run down of expected features in the iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Max
Design Aluminum body Aluminum body Titanium frame Titanium frame
Display 6.1 inches, OLED 6.7 inches, OLED. 6.1 inches, OLED. 6.7 inches, OLED.
Processor A16 Bionic Chip A16 Bionic Chip A17 Bionic Chip A17 Bionic Chip
Battery Size 3877 mAh 4912 mAh 3650 mAh 4862 mAh
Camera Front 12MP, f/1.9 and auto-focus Front 12MP, f/1.9 and auto-focus Front 12MP, f/1.9 and auto-focus Front 12MP, f/1.9 and auto-focus

48MP main with f/1.8

12MP ultra wide with f/2.4

48MP main with f/1.8

12MP ultra wide with f/2.4

48MP main with f/1.8

12MP ultra wide with f/2.2

Telephoto 12MP with f/2.8 and 3x zoom

48MP main

12MP ultra wide with f/2.2

Telephoto 12MP Periscope lens with 6x zoom

Charging USB-C Port USB-C Port.
USB-C Port.
USB-C Port.
Storage Capacity 128 GB 128 GB 256 GB 256 GB and up to 1 TB
AI Features AI Store AI Store AI Store AI Store
AI Health App AI Health App AI Health App AI Health App
Personal Voice Personal Voice Personal Voice Personal Voice

Another impressive feature is the AI-powered personal voice and live speech. With these features, you can record your voice. Then during a phone call or live video, you can type whatever you want to say and your smartphone will read it out in your voice.

As expected, Apple has fitted the Pro models with the best features. But the iPhone 15 is also formidable as it inherits many of the exclusive features of the iPhone 14 Pro model. And that could make it attractive to buyers.

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Bonus: Transfer Data from Your Old iPhone to iPhone 15

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start iphone to iphone data transfer

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Your old phone should be on the left because you are transferring from it (the source). And your new iPhone 15 should be on the right since it is receiving the data (the destination). If the placement is wrong, click on "Flip" to correct it.

position both phones for data transfer

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complete data transfer in one click

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The iPhone 15 release is around the corner and there is a lot to anticipate. The iPhone 15 leaks have also been constant. The device promises features like AI-powered applications, a new camera system, more storage, and a longer-lasting battery.

As you plan on buying the new device, you can do so with confidence that MobileTrans will cater to your data transfer challenges.


  • What AI features will iPhone 15 have?
    The iPhone 15 will pack AI features like an AI health app, AI personal voice, an AI camera with improved optical zoom, and AI-powered health functions, and like previous iPhones, the AI-powered Siri will also feature.
  • Should I wait for iPhone 15 or buy iPhone 14?
    Reasons to wait: ①All the iPhone 15 models will adopt dynamic island. ②You can firstly try USB-C port in iPhone. ③ A17 Bionic chipset will offer a smoother experience. ④ The periscope lens will slove the annoying sacnning problem.

    Reasons not to wait: ①There are some shared features between iPhone 14 series and iPhone 15 series. ② iPhone 15 series may costs more than iPhone 14 series due to the new features. And iPhone 14 will have a discount after iPhone 15 released. ③ If you are expecting under-display fingerprint, no need to wait for the new iPhone 15 as it will not have it. There are indications that this could come with the iPhone 16 in 2024.

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