An iCloud photo link is a good and easy way to share pictures via links, but sometimes there are problems.

Many iOS users have complained about their iCloud link not working or loading. If this happens to you, don't worry; it's a common problem that a temporary system glitch can cause. However, you'll need to find a solution if this keeps happening. You can also choose to share data with another iPhone without iCloud.

If you want to know how to fix an iCloud link that isn't working or loading, read on to find the simplest methods.

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Note: After you fix your iCloud link issue, it might also happen that iCloud syncing has been paused due to multiple reasons. To resolve this problem, you can check out the other guide by clicking on our link.

Why Is the iCloud Link Not Working? 

There could be several underlying causes for your iCloud link not working or loading. The following are the primary causes:

  1. iCloud Link Has Expired

    If your iCloud link photos not loading, it can be because the link has become outdated, or the person who sent you the link has disabled access to the photos.

  2. iOS Device Is on Low Power Mode

    When accessing an iCloud photo link on an iOS device on Low Power Mode, a "Waiting for Photos" message will appear. To continue loading, disable Low Power Mode.

  3. Problems With the Network

    When your iCloud link photos are not loading, it could be due to an unstable internet connection.

  4. Photo Sharing Feature Is Off

    Check if your photo-sharing feature is disabled, as this will also prevent your iCloud link from loading; you will need to enable the feature to start the loading.

  5. Outdated Version of iCloud

    The iCloud photo link not working on your device is because you may not have updated your phone to the most recent version of iOS. Update your device to the latest version of iOS to get the iCloud photo link working again.

11 Quick Ways to Fix iCloud Links Not Working

You must identify the problem causing the iCloud link to stop working before you can fix it. Try the methods below to find out what stops the iCloud link from loading on your device and fix the problem immediately.

  1. Restart Your Device

    If the iCloud link is not working, you need to restart your iOS device to see if it was just a glitch. If the link is still not working, try the following solutions.

  2. Ensure iCloud Photos Library & Shared Albums Are Enabled

    The iCloud “Photo Sharing” and “Shared Album” options must be enabled for the iCloud link to function effectively. Follow these steps to check and turn them on.

    On iPhone & iPad:

    Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your device

    open the iPhone's setting

    Step 2: Select your name above and tap on "iCloud." Then activate “Shared Albums” & "iCloud Photos" by swiping the toggle on the right.

    switch on shared album option
    switch on the iCloud photos option
  3. Check the Status of the iCloud Server

    Since iCloud is a web-based service that depends on Apple's servers, you should check the status of the iCloud server because these servers may be down or having issues.

  4. Check iCloud Link Validity

    The iCloud link expires after 30 days, so if photos sent via an iCloud link are not loading or working, check if the sender updated the link's expiration date and removed access, or the link may no longer be valid.

    icloud link expired
  5. Check Your Internet Connection

    A shaky or slow internet connection can cause the problem. Try connecting your device to a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection or use cellular data.

  6. Re-Login to Your Apple Account

    Try logging back into your Apple account if the iCloud photo link is not working; this might fix the problem.

  7. Turn Off Low Power Mode

    Your device's iCloud upload speed will be slowed when "Low Power Mode" is enabled; to resolve this, you can switch off "Low Power Mode" as follows:

    Step 1: Open the Settings app.

    Step 2: Select the Battery tab.

    Step 3: Disabled the Low Power Mode.

    disabled the low power mode
  8. Try Resetting Network Settings

    In case the iCloud photo-sharing links are still not working, you can try resetting your network settings to see if that resolves the problem.

    Reset the network settings by following the instructions below:

    Step 1: Go to Settings app.

    Step 2: Then go to General > Transfer or Reset iPhone tab.

    Step 3: Select Reset and then click Reset Network Settings to proceed.

    reset network settings on iPhone
  9. Update Your iOS Device

    You may still be running an out-of-date version of iOS, which stops your iCloud photos from loading. You must update the device you are using to the most recent iOS version for the iCloud link to resume working.

    Follow the steps below to update your iOS device:

    Step 1: Open "Settings>General".

    Step 2: Choose the "Software Update" option.

    Step 3: Select "Download and Install" to get the iOS update.

    Update your iOS device
  10. Recreate an iCloud Link

    Well, it's not a fix but worth a shot. You can ask the sender to regenerate an iCloud link. Read this article to learn how to share and receive photos via an iCloud link: A Step-by-Step Guide: How to Share Photos Using an iCloud Link.

  11. Contact Apple Support

    Contact "Apple Support" and register a complaint regarding the iCloud link not working if none of the aforementioned solutions resolve the problem.

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  • What is an iCloud Link?
    Apple's iOS 12 update introduces a new feature called iCloud links, which lets users share media files by simply exchanging a link.
  • How does iCloud Link work?
    The iCloud share link is a secure URL that can be sent to anyone you'd like to have access to the shared item. By using the link people can download the images and videos.
  • For how long will iCloud Link stay valid?
    The iCloud link has a 30-day validity period, but there is a setting that allows you to set the link's expiration date earlier than that.
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