TikTok is famous for introducing new trends every now and then. Some become too viral, while some stay for a long time. One such trend is the TikTok Christmas tree. The cute and pretty viral trend has grabbed the attention of various TikTok influencers.

But what is special about this tree? What makes it so viral, and how can you participate in the trend? Well, stick around to know everything about this viral TikTok Christmas tree and create your own TikTok video featuring it.

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    What’s a TikTok Christmas tree?

    Viral TikTok tree of Home Depot

    Well, this Christmas tree is the famous product of Home Depot that went viral when a TikToker shared the video of it. It is an artificial Christmas tree that has all the lighting and trimming you want on your Christmas tree except for the favorite tree topper.

    This product is unique because it is pre-built and remote-controlled. With memory wire branches, it’s easy to shape the tree even after long storage periods. Its 2000 to 3400 color-changing LEDs make it stand out from other Christmas trees. Moreover, it is available in sizes ranging from 7 to 12 feet.

    You can get this ultra-sparkling viral TikTok Christmas tree in slim and full shapes. The price of this Christmas tree starts from $349 and can go up to $899 for bigger sizes. It is quite a budget-friendly tree with remote-controlled lighting. You can enjoy different lighting options on this pre-lit Christmas tree.

    TikToker mermaid1723 was the first to post this artificial T27 Christmas tree, getting thousands of views on her video. After her video got trendy, different TikTokers started making the videos, causing the ForYou Pages to overflow with these videos.

    TikTok Christmas tree shared by mermaid1723

    Noticing its popularity, Home Depot restocked this sparkly product in the United States, encouraging more people to buy it.

    Let’s look into different TikTok videos related to viral Christmas trees.

    Examples of Viral TikTok Christmas Tree Videos

    As we already mentioned, mermaid1723 was the first one to feature the TikTok Christmas tree on her account. Her caption told the viewers that this tree was from Home Depot, and her video shows the cozy corner of her house where she has set this artificial Christmas tree.

    On her video, a person commented, “I’ve never seen a tree so pretty it didn’t need ornaments on it. Wow.”

    Another TikToker named Mama Birdie demonstrated the settings of the Viral TikTok Christmas tree. In her video, she shows how she uses the remote control to change the colors and settings of this artificial Christmas tree. She gave a full guide to her viewers to help them sparkle their Christmas tree according to their preferences.

    TikToker demonstrating remote setting

    Another TikToker JessicaMadisonHome gave a detailed review of this artificial Christmas tree in her video, explaining how to assemble and switch it on. Setting up this Christmas tree isn’t complicated at all, which is a big game changer.

    TikToker explaining switching on Christmas Tree

    It won’t be surprising if you’re also enticed to make a TikTok video of your own Christmas tree and go viral. You certainly should join the fun, but if it’s your first time, take some help to create your TikTok video from down below.

    How to Create Viral TikTok Christmas Tree Video?

    There are various steps you need to follow to create your TikTok Christmas video.

    First, decide in which corner you’ll put your Christmas tree. Ideally, you would want a quiet yet appealing corner for aesthetic purposes.

    Now, open your TikTok account once your tree is ready to be captured and follow the following steps.

      1. Step 1: Creating TikTok Video

        Open the app and click the “+” button on the TikTok screen. It will let you create a new video straightaway.

        tab “+” Button on TikTok
      2. Step 2: Record Your Christmas Tree<

        Now, you need to put your thumb on the red circle on the screen. This will start the video recording. You can make a video of 15 seconds, 60 seconds, or 3 minutes on TikTok. You can also speak in the video while filming it.

        However, if you have an already filmed video, tap on “uploads” to post the desired video on TikTok.

        Record Video on TikTok
      3. Step 3: Adding Music

        You can add music to your video by tapping the music icon above the screen. Once tapped, it lets you search for any viral songs. Opt for any Christmas song to enhance the beauty of your video.

        Add Music to the TikTok video
      4. Step 4: Adding Text and Effect to Your TikTok Video

        In the right-hand menu, you can find different options. These are related to text, stickers, and effects. You can do whatever you want in the video.

        Add Effects on TikTok
      5. Step 5: Additional Settings

    Now, tap on the “Next” button present on the screen. It will ask questions about video privacy and advanced settings including AI-generated content for your video.

    Add Subtitles on TikTok

    The last thing left is posting it, and boom! You just uploaded your first viral TikTok Christmas video.

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      Sending apps from one Phone to Another

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    TikTok Christmas tree becomes one of the trends with the approaching of Christmas. There’s nothing more relaxing than watching short videos of beautiful, well-decorated artificial trees.

    You can also make a quick video, as we’ve explained the process. Share it with others or save it on several devices via MobileTrans. So, don’t sit idle this December. Buy a TikTok Christmas tree, get it all set up and share it with others. Santa Claus will be Happy!

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    Axel Nash Dec 15, 23
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