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How To Transfer Notes From Android to Android - 4 Methods

Axel Nash

Written By Axel Nash |

Notes are the quickest way for people to store important information on their phones. They can be used to store essential and short details like passwords, addresses, and bills.

When switching devices, it is best to learn how to transfer notes from Android to Android. Stick with the article to learn about different methods to transfer notes from one Android phone to another.

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Part 1: How To Transfer Notes From Android to Android via Google Keep

Multiple ways can be used to transfer notes from Android to Android. Google Keep is the easy way to choose.

1.1 Using Google Keep as Your Note-taking App

When using an Android phone, the easiest way to transfer your notes across Android devices is to use Google's note-taking app, Google Keep. Being Google's app, it could easily be synced with your Google account. Thus, making it easier for you to transfer notes from Android to Android. To use Google Keep and sync it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install Google Keep from the Google Play Store. Once installed, open it on your Android phone.

install google keeps app

Step 2: When you open the app, you will see a prompt at the top informing you that the sync is off. Afterward, tap the "Turn on sync" option to sync your notes with your Google Account.

tap on turn on sync option

1.2 Move Notes to Google Keep

Google Keep is not the default notes app for many Android brands. Each Android brand has its own notes app. These apps might appear similar but are very different. This turns out to become a significant issue when trying to transfer notes to another Android device.

If you are wondering about your older notes, you can quickly transfer them to Google Keep. The steps for moving notes to Google Keep are following:

Step 1: Once you have installed Google Keep on your Android phone, open the default notes app. Here, select the notes you want to move to Google Keep.

Step 2: When you have selected the note, press the "Share" button and choose Google Keep from the option to move it. Once all the notes are moved, ensure that you have synced the Google Keep with your Google Account.

select the keep notes option

Part 2: Transfer Notes From Android to Android via Official Transfer Apps

We have mentioned above that most Android brands have their own Notes apps. They also provide official data transfer apps which can be used to transfer notes from Android to Android. Below we have discussed the detailed process of moving notes to Samsung and Huawei.

Method 1: How To Transfer Notes From Android to Android via Smart Switch

Smart Switch is Samsung's official phone transfer app. It is recommended when transferring data between two Samsung devices or switching to a Samsung device. Smart Switch can be used by following these steps:

Step 1: Install the Smart Switch app on both your devices and open it. On the source device, tap "Send Data" and select "Receive Data" on the new device. Afterward, select the OS of your old device to continue. Choose the "Wireless" option on both devices to establish the connection.

select the old device source

Step 2: Once the connection is established, select the option of "Custom" to transfer specific data, such as notes. Next, tap on the "Transfer" button and wait for the data transfer process to complete.

transfer the notes and data


  • Smart Switch provides wireless and USB cable options for data transfer across devices.
  • There is no data limit when transferring data from one phone to another; it is also free to use.


  • It only allows data transfer to Galaxy phones. It can't be used when switching from Galaxy to any other non-Galaxy Android device.
  • Transferring data through Smart Switch doesn't back up the data, which increases the risk of data loss in case of process failure.

Method 2: Transfer Notes From Android to Android via Phone Clone

Huawei's official phone transfer app is Phone Clone, which is recommended when transferring data between Huawei devices or to a Huawei device. The steps to use the Phone Clone for data transfer are given below:

Step 1: Download and install the Phone Clone app on your old Android phone and open it. After providing access permissions, press the "This is the old phone" button. It will now ask you to scan the QR code from your new phone.

choose your device position

Step 2: Activate your new Huawei phone to set it up and during the setup process, select "Phone Clone" when asked how to set up the device. On the next screen, it will ask you to choose whether it is the old phone or the new phone. Next, select "This is the new phone," which will lead you to a QR code.

scan the qr code

Step 3: Use your old phone to scan the QR code and establish a connection between devices. Select the data you want to transfer, including notes, and press "Transfer." After that, wait for the process to get completed.

transfer notes using phone clone app


  • Phone Clone provides a super-fast data transfer speed during phone transfer between Android devices.
  • You do not need mobile data or Wi-Fi internet to transfer data using the Phone Clone app.


  • It only allows you to transfer data when setting up the new Android phone.
  • The app only works for transfer between Huawei devices or non-Huawei to Huawei devices.

Part 3: Transfer Data From Android to Android After Setup

Although you can use Smart Switch and Phone Clone for notes and other data transfers, they have limitations, as mentioned above. The best tool for phone transfer is Wondershare MobileTrans, as it allows you to transfer mainly your important data.

Wondershare MobileTrans can transfer over 18 types of data across Android devices regardless of the Android brand. You will not face any limitations when transferring phone data from Android to Android. It can be used after setting up the phone, and the existing data doesn't get overwritten or deleted when using MobileTrans.

MobileTrans - Phone Transfer

  • • Your complete WhatsApp data can be transferred across devices, including chats, locations, contacts, photos, etc.
  • • If you have used the free space of Google Drive, you can easily create your phone's backup on your computer, which is free.
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Final Thoughts

The importance of notes cannot be discarded, and re-writing them after switching the device is time-consuming. So having a tool that can transfer all of your important notes to your new device is a blessing. Choose the methods that suit you.

Moreover, Wondershare MobileTrans is the best data transfer tool that can easily and quickly transfer your phone data along with notes from Android to Android.

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