Did you ever try to AirDrop a lot of photos and experience some inconvenience? In this blog post, we'll tackle this issue and provide appropriate answers.

It is possible to AirDrop multiple photos at a time, but you should know the exact number that can be done at once. This depends on specific factors, and you will learn them in this article. You will also learn how to AirDrop between your iPhone and Mac devices effectively.

Let's get to the bottom of this and make your photo-sharing experience hassle-free!

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How Many Photos Can You AirDrop at Once?

When you share photos with AirDrop, you might ask: Can I AirDrop multiple photos at a time? Yes, you can AirDrop multiple photos at once.

AirDrop uses a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transfer files between devices. Apple doesn't explicitly state a limit on AirDrop photo transfers. Theoretically, you can send as many photos as you want.

However, in practical scenarios, there might be some problems. AirDropping over 25 photos could encounter issues and may fail. The number of photos you can send in one depends on several factors.

The capabilities and type of your devices is a common factor. The total size of the files may also influence the speed of the transfer. Larger files, like high-resolution photos, might take longer to transfer compared to smaller ones.

Additionally, the speed of AirDrop can be affected by the distance between your devices. And also the potential interference from other electronic devices. Therefore, keep your devices within a reasonable range and minimize interference. This can help ensure a smoother and quicker AirDrop experience.

To maximize efficiency, consider resizing your photos before sending them. This is important if they are exceptionally large files. It can help speed up the transfer process.

Part 2 How to Share Many Photos Using AirDrop?

Sharing many photos from your AirDrop is easy. But that is when you have the right knowledge. It could be from one iPhone to another. And it could also be one iPhone to a Mac, and vice versa. We will provide right information for you in this section.

How to AirDrop Photos from iPhone to iPhone?

First, let's start with airdropping photos from iPhone to iPhone. Here are the steps involved:

  1. To start, open the Photos app on your iPhone, and select the photos you want to share.
    select multiple photos in your photo library
  2. Tap the Select button. Afterward, choose the photos from your library.
    tap on the three dots and share photos
  3. With the photos selected, look for the share icon. It's a square with an arrow pointing upward. Tap on it. You'll see a list of sharing options; among them is AirDrop.
  4. Tap on the AirDrop option, and your iPhone will start searching for nearby devices.
    tap on airdrop option
    icon note
    Note: Make sure the receiving iPhone has AirDrop enabled. You can do this by swiping down on the Control Center. Then ensure that AirDrop is set to receive from Everyone or your contacts.
    make sure your airdrop option is on in the control center
  5. Once the receiving device is identified, tap on it. A prompt will appear on the receiving device asking if they want to accept the photos. Once accepted, the transfer begins.
accept photos sent by airdrop

To share many photos efficiently, consider organizing them into albums beforehand. This way, you can select and send entire albums rather than individual photos.

icon note
Note: Keep in mind that the speed of the transfer may depend on factors. Factors like the number of photos, their sizes, and the connection strength between the two devices. If you encounter any issues, ensure both devices are close to each other. Also, ensure that there's minimal interference.

And that's it. No need for cables or complicated setups.

AirDrop a Large Number of Photos from iPhone to Mac

To AirDrop from your iPhone to your Mac follows almost the same process as the one we discussed in the last section. Just some slight differences. Start by ensuring both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. This connection is essential to avoid interruption during the transfer process.

  1. Open the Photos app on your iPhone. Locate the album with the photos you want to share.
  2. Tap Select in the top-right corner. Choose the photos you wish to transfer.
  3. Afterward, tap the Share icon. It’s a square with an arrow pointing upward.
  4. From the sharing options, select your Mac's name under the AirDrop section.
  5. Your Mac will receive a notification. This will prompt you to accept the incoming photos. Confirm the transfer on your Mac to start the process.

Ensure that AirDrop is enabled on your Mac. Do this by opening a Finder window and clicking on AirDrop in the sidebar. Do this by navigating to Finder > Go > AirDrop. Ensure you set the airdrop settings to Everyone. Your iPhone should appear as an available device. Accept the incoming photos on your Mac to kickstart the transfer.

set the airdrop settings to everyone

Keep in mind that the transfer speed may vary based on the file sizes. Larger files may take longer. To ease the process, consider resizing the photos on your iPhone before beginning the transfer.

Once the transfer completes, find the shared photos neatly organized in the Downloads folder on your Mac.

How Do You AirDrop Many Pictures from Mac to iPhone?

You can also AirDrop many pictures from your Mac to your iPhone seamlessly. Start by ensuring both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This establishes a stable connection for a smooth transfer process.

To send photos from your Mac to your iPhone, follow the steps below.

  1. First, navigate to Finder > Go > AirDrop. Your iPhone should appear as an available device in the AirDrop window.
  2. On your iPhone, a prompt will appear. This prompt will ask you to accept the incoming pictures. Confirm the transfer to begin.
  3. Afterward, drag and drop the desired images onto the recipient's image, then click Send.
  4. Alternatively, open the Photos app, pick the items you wish to share, click Share, choose AirDrop select the recipient, and click Done.
send photos from mac to iphone via airdrop

The speed of the transfer may vary based on factors such as file sizes and device capabilities. Larger files might take a bit more time. consider resizing the pictures on your Mac before starting the AirDrop.

Once the transfer is complete, locate the received pictures in your iPhone's Photos app. Depending on your device's settings, they'll be readily available in the camera roll or the designated album.

Indeed, AirDropping multiple pictures from your Mac to your iPhone is a straightforward process. It provides a quick and cable-free method for sharing images between your Apple devices.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone Without AirDrop

Sharing photos between your iPhone and your computer might not go as smoothly as you planned. Because factors like photo size, etc can pose a threat. You can do without these methods using an app called Wondershare MobileTrans.

MobileTrans is a straightforward solution for transferring photos from one iPhone to another without relying on AirDrop. This user-friendly tool eliminates the need for complex procedures, ensuring a hassle-free photo transfer experience.

  • MobileTrans supports over 6,000 types of devices across both iOS and Android platforms.
  • It can transfer over 18 types of data.
  • More than 500,000 users choose Wondershare MobileTrans for its reliability and safety.

Wondershare MobileTrans

Transfer You Data Safely and Easily

  • • No data loss. No data leaks.
  • • Support various data, including files, photos, videos, apps, contacts, etc.
  • • Selective transfer and easy management.
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Some features that can help you achieve this aim include:

🚀Phone-to-Phone Transfer

Wondershare MobileTrans allows you to transfer photos from one iPhone directly to another. First, connect both iPhones to your computer and select the desired photos. Start the transfer process with a simple click, and you get your desired result.

📲Import to Phone

It is another scenario If you have photos stored on your computer that you want on your new iPhone. Use the Import to Phone feature to send the photos instead. Just Connect your iPhone and select the photos from your computer. Effortlessly you can import them to your iPhone's camera roll or selected album.

💻Export to Computer

If you wish to move photos from your old iPhone to your computer, there is another feature. Use the Export to Computer option. Connect your iPhone and select the photos you want to export. Transfer them directly to your computer for safekeeping.

Aside from these outstanding features that allow you to share without airdrop, Wondershare MobileTrans also has jaw-dropping benefits. Here are some of them.


Transferring photos from one iPhone to another with AirDrop is a straightforward process with various options available. You can opt for direct phone-to-phone transfers, importing from your computer. You can also choose to export to your computer.

The key lies in choosing an approach that suits your specific needs. Consider factors such as the volume of photos, the desired destination, and the simplicity of the process.

Ultimately, you have various options available. Maybe you're upgrading your device or reorganizing your photo library. You have various options to help you transfer your photos from one device to another.


  • Is there a limit on AirDrop?
    Yes, there is a limit on the size of files you can AirDrop. Larger files may take longer to transfer. Also, extremely large files might exceed the AirDrop limit. Be mindful of the file sizes to ensure a smooth transfer process.
  • Can I AirDrop an entire photo album?
    No, AirDrop doesn't provide a direct option to share entire photo albums. However, you can select multiple photos from an album and AirDrop them collectively. Open the Photos app and choose the album. Tap Select and pick the photos. Then, use the Share icon to AirDrop them to the desired device.
logo trustpilot 5 stars 4.5/5 Excellent
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