4 Ways to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Written By Axel Nash | Dec 10,2019

“I just bought a new iPhone and attempting to move data from my old Android phone. But I can’t transfer all the data from the Android to the iPhone. Is there is a tool that would make the process much easier?”

Moving some of the Android data into a new iPhone is easier with the app provided by Apple Inc. Still, there are some data types that can’t be transferred from Android to iPhone directly. Android users usually have a hard time understanding the transfer process at first. So, we will help you overcome this problem and migrate data from Android to iPhone. Check out the methods given below and see which suits you the best.

Part 1. Using MobileTrans Software (Recommended):

The best tool for cross-platform migration is MobileTrans-Phone Transfer without any second thought. Not only it supports data transfer from android to iPhone, but it also allows the users to perform the selective transfer. This software can directly transfer 11 different types of data including photos, videos, music, messages, contacts, call logs, calendars, and some more.

MobileTrans is recommended by users as it is support for a wide range of Android and Apple devices including the latest models. So, you will be able to transfer data among Android and iOS devices like a Pro. The key highlights of the software are:

  • Transfer content between cross-platform without any hassle
  • Backup & restore data in high quality
  • Support a broad range of smartphones including the latest iOS and Android devices.
  • Over 15 different kinds of data type support including messages, contacts, media files, documents, and even mails.
  • 1-Click transfer with 100% safety and guaranteed success.

We can promise that even the free version of MobileTrans will blow your mind in terms of functionalities. Still, you can get a licensed version of the software with lifetime upgrades to get the full list of features.

  1. Run MobileTrans and open “Phone Transfer”.
  2. phone transfer home

  3. Connect both phones to PC and connect with MobileTrans. Click “Flip” to change Source and Target phone. Data will be transferred from the Source to Target phone.
  4. phone transfer android to ios 01

  5. Now select file types and click on “Start” button to transfer. You can disconnect the phone when it completed.
  6. phone transfer android to ios 04

Some users lookout for data transfer tools that support WhatsApp and other social media apps. If you have specific requirements to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, then you can specifically use the MobileTrans- WhatsApp Transfer software. This tool offers a unique set of features that often comes in handy at certain times. Get your hands on MobileTrans now and you’ll never have to stress about losing your data.

Part 2. Using the Move to iOS App:

Are you ready to transfer Android data to iPhone? Apple Inc. has provided us with a tool that is specifically designed to help the old Android users to make the switch swift and smooth. The Move to iOS tool is available on both the Apple Store and Play Store for Android and iOS devices. The app is free to download and users can transfer data such as contacts, messages, camera roll, bookmarks, and some other data via this application. Although you might not be able to get all your Android data into the iPhone, this app covers up most of the data types.

One thing you must remember that the data transfer from Android to the iPhone will only be viable during the setup process. So, if you have already finished the setup, then you need to reset your device. The detailed steps are given below:

Step 1: Take your iPhone and begin the Setup. Get to the Apps & Data Screen and you will see the “Move Data from Android” option.

data transfer from android to ios by movetoiosapp 1

Step 2: Take your Android phone and access the Google Play Store to download the Move to iOS app. To install the app, accept all the permissions requests and open it after installation.

data transfer from android to ios by movetoiosapp 2

Step 3: As you launch the app on the Android device, click on the Continue button and carefully read the terms and conditions. Agree with them and hit the Next button to reach the Find Your Code screen.

data transfer from android to ios by movetoiosapp 3

Step 4: On the iPhone, press Continue as well and in a few seconds, a 12-digit code will appear on the screen. Enter the code on the Android device.

data transfer from android to ios by movetoiosapp 4

Step 5: After entering the code, a connection will establish between the Android and iOS devices. Now, determine what data you need to transfer. You will also be prompted to transfer your Google Account details as well. Select the data that you wish to move and press the “Next” button.

data transfer from android to ios by movetoiosapp 5

Step 6: The app will initiate the transfer process and the data will be moved from Android to iPhone. Disconnect the iPhone and click on the “Continue Setting Up iPhone” on your device. One the setup finishes, you will get a pop-up asking you to log in to the accounts that you moved from the Android device. Finish the login and you will be able to see the data inside the relevant applications on iPhone.

data transfer from android to ios by movetoiosapp 6

And this is how you do the transfer from Android to iPhone. We know that it is a lengthy process but it is the only official app provided by Apple Inc for data transfer. Along with this, if the data you are about to move is large then it might take a while. So, be ready to wait for a long time during the transfer.

Part 3. Using Google Drive:

When you wish to transfer only a handful of files, then using Google Drive can be an appropriate solution. As we all know that Google apps are also available for iOS devices. So, instead of going to great lengths for the small files transfer, you can directly upload the files to the Drive and access them on your iPhone. It is a popular method for transfer from android to iPhone. The only requirement is a strong and stable Wi-Fi connection and the app on both devices. The steps for transfer are given below:

Step 1: Take your Android phone and open the Google Drive app. Click on the “+” icon and select the “Upload” option from the menu. Find the files on your device that you wish to transfer and upload them on the cloud.

data transfer from android to ios by googledrive 1

Step 2: Now switch to the iPhone and launch the Google Drive application. Locate your file in the drive and click on the “More” option. You will get a notification to select an app to open the file. As you choose the app, the file will be downloaded on your device first, and then it will open.

data transfer from android to ios by googledrive 2

To save a photo or video in the “Camera Roll” folder, you can select the “Send A Copy” option. This will direct you to save the image/video in any location you want. And you will have the file on the iPhone in the appropriate format without any hassle.

Part 4. Using MobileTrans - Copy Data to iOS App:

If you have already finished the iPhone setup and now you wish to transfer data from android to iPhone, then you need a professional tool that will allow you to transfer data without any complexity. And this is what MobileTrans offers its users. This tool eliminates all the complications of transfer from Android to iPhone and gives you a one-click solution. Moreover, you can even move the text messages from Android to iPhone in the quickest possible way.

And if you are thinking that you might need a desktop for the transfer, then we have extra good news for you. There is a mobile version of the MobileTrans app called MobileTrans - Copy Data to iOS App. And you can directly use the mobile app to ease up the entire process even more.

The steps you need to follow are mentioned here:

Step 1: Connect Both Android and iOS Device:

You need to connect your Android and iPhone devices using a USB cable firsthand. Once the connection is established, trust the connected device and provide the needed access.

data transfer from android to ios by mobiletrans app 1

Step 2: Select Data for Transfer:

Launch the MobileTrans app and choose the USB transfer option. Select the data type that you wish to transfer from Android to iPhone. Tap the “Start Importing” button to begin the transfer.

data transfer from android to ios by mobiletrans app 2

Step 3: Finish The Data Transfer:

Wait patiently as the MobileTrans app move the data. It won’t take long and you will be notified when the data transfer finishes.

data transfer from android to ios by mobiletrans app 3

After this, you can disconnect the devices and the Android data will be accessible on the iPhone. And our work here is done.

Final Words:

In this guide, we provided you a detailed guide for data transfer from android to iPhone. Furthermore, we have mentioned the top three ways to successfully transfer the data directly. Among all solutions, we must tell you that using the MobileTrans app would be the easiest and quickest way for the process. And if you have to perform additional data transfer such as WhatsApp, then you can consider using MobileTrans desktop application. Just like the mobile version, the desktop app will pace up the transfer and you don’t even need to root or jailbreak your device.

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